Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nine Patch Center Pieces or Baby Blankets...

So yup... I bought this awesome "Oh Cherry Oh!" Layer Cake by "Me and My Sister" at Sarah's shop. I am making nine patch center pieces and baby blankets. Can't get much easier than this. If you can sew a straight line, you can make these and with a cake layer... no cutting involved. You just mess with the fabrics until you have something you like. I went pretty basic for these first ones... but I am loving them. They are so bright and cheerful and pretty much ready for spring don't ya think.
For the center pieces I will just add backing in a coordinating fabric and bring it to the front for a small hemmed edge.
For the baby blanket... I think it will need to be just a little larger... so I will add a 2 1/2 to 3 inch coordinating boarder with a print in each corner... fun, fun.

Yay for Layer Cakes!
Even the ones you can't eat.
Be sure to go to Sarah's blog to check out all your options.

If you love to Quilt... you better check this out!

You should be sure to check out all the great quilting ideas at Sarah's shop. It is beautiful and they are always having some neat deals and now this awesome give-a-way. If you've never quilted... now's your chance. They have all kinds of ideas for first timers. If you've never gone to her blog then you are sure to be missing out.
You have to check out Sarah's awesome give-a-way here! And make sure you take time to check out the entire website...
She also has spectacular Daily Deals that are fantastic! If you are interested check it out here! It is such a fun, fun site. oh... and you really do need to check it out daily or you'll miss the boat like I did when the special deal was my favorite fabric ever.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sarah... check this out!

So my super awesome sister... Renee did this right before she went in for knee surgery. Check it out here. Sarah... Aren't you sooooo proud?!?

Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics...

Sorry it has taken me so long to get these posted. Here are a few of the fun shots from the Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics.

This was a parade of the costumes people wore for the plunge... note BJ's fine garb... crazy man! I especially like the shot where it looks like he's getting ready to strike down the polar bear.

I loved the water shots. I was right down on the edge of the water and got to take all the pictures for Gregg & Bj's Website. It was way fun... I didn't even get wet which was pretty much amazing.
I thought the little couple in the middle shot were just too cute. The St. Joseph chapter of Special Olympics raised close to $19,000.00 with this event. It was great to be even just a small part of it. We were honored to contribute on behalf of Greg Smith. I'm sure he was smiling down and laughing at all the silly crowd. Renee says he loved being able to participate in the Special Olympics so that made it even better.

ps... It turned out to be 70 degrees on the day of the plunge. The ice melted off the lake the day before the event. How's that for some luck? BJ says he thinks he will take a less active role in the event next year... ie... not entering the water... he's pretty sure the weather will not cooperate two years in a row and he can see where the worst part would be getting out of the water to frigid gusting winds... It really was a beautiful day.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gideon's War Paint...

So the story is Gideon loved his war paint. He just didn't want to stop to have his picture taken. Poor little man looks like he's been beat... he looks so dang sad. His Uncle Zach of course is the one who painted Gid with the lipstick. Crazy boys.

Bruce Oskar Bowen

So little Bruce is already one month old. He came over to visit with his Grandma Tamra today. We sure think he is beautiful.
Couldn't resist this picture. I'm sorry I cut Jane off, but it sure is a sweet picture.
Proud Grandma Tamra holding her little man. Doesn't Jane look beautiful for just having a baby a month ago?
The Bowen Family. Hyrum, Jane & Bruce Oskar Bowen. We love them!
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bruce Oskar Bowen

What a Great looking Kid!!
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