Saturday, May 31, 2008

So... What's Your Take???

Is Gideon rocking Ozzy or is he getting ready to dump the kitty so he can get on. They are so silly and LOVE this hammock.

First we had to take a peak from underneath...

Then Gid decided he would join Ozzy! Ozzy doesn't look so thrilled.

Friday, May 30, 2008

What I did on my Summer Vacation...

So over the long Memorial Weekend Brent, the kids and I went down to Lebanon, MO (close to Branson) and visited with Dad and Phyllis. Dad went with us to Steel Your Dollar City, aka... Silver Dollar City. Phyllis stayed home, bummer, because her allergies were going crazy. There was no way she could be outside all day. We sure love her and missed having her along. But you can see we had a great time.

Here is a picture of Brent's pet squirrel... crazy little thing thought it needed to dig up all the flowers.

We took Zach's friend, Taylor, with us and she fit right in. Didn't mind all the family harassment that is dished out either. She is such a sweet girl. We just love her.

The next day it rained to beat the band in the morning, but by noon the sun was out and it was beautiful. We took the kids to the Nation's longest foot bridge. Ya, we thought we were pretty much torturing them. But no, it was actually really neat and the kids loved it. The bridge was built in 1902 and spanned 13 railroad tracks. We followed the bridge up with a scenic tour of the finer side of Springfield, MO... or maybe the slums... Brent can get us in some pretty scary places sometimes, then on to the Bass Pro Shop. We had a great day over all. Hey, I got some new shoes... yeah, yeah!

The last day there Brent and I and the three kids went on a 9 mile canoe trip. It was great fun for everyone, except for mom (me) during the hour and a half where dad thought it would be fine if the kids took one leg and we went another. Needless to say, I didn't think that part was too neat... I think it's the mom thing. The kids were fine, all three had been on a canoe trip before. But I watched I can't tell you how many boats of adults tip over and lose everything in their canoes. Now I don't know why this would make me nervous, but for some reason it did. Brent was sure the kids had taken the more difficult route, not so much... theirs was the much easier leg... so they were way ahead of us. We however, had to cross trees criss crossing our section of the river, then carry our canoe... technically, Brent and another guy carried ours and his... across a large sand bar, because the other side kept tipping canoes over... We waited at the sand bar FOREVER for the kids... you know they were behind us.... not so much.... any who... an hour and a half later all was well when we spotted the kids waiting for us on another little beach area.... picnic lunched then finished up the trip with everyone in sight. It really was a great day.... more pics later... BIG THANK YOU!!!! to dad and momma Phyllis for putting us up and playing cards and games and having an overall great time with them! WE LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So... What kind of shoe are you?

Ballet Slippers

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Sweet Boy...

So Gideon pretty much loves the Hammock.
He is quite the lounge lizzard...
I think next in line to Ozzy.
He is such a cute boy!
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

For Our Moms...

In quiet, tranquil moments,
In times of stress and grief,
In happy, joyful, glorious times,
We turn to one we need.

Although we've left her nest,
All things remain the same,
We look to her for guidance,
For an act, or thought, or deed.

Now we can count on her,
To run with open arms,
To sprint, if that's what's needed,
It's inherent in her breed.

So take the time today,
To send some Love her way,
Do not wait or hesitate,
There might be need for speed.

For we think she's invincible,
No harm can come her way,
Because she is the greatest,
No thoughts of wealth nor greed.

But life is short,
Things may change,
And ours are truly, dearly missed,

Dear Heavenly Father please give our Moms,
An eternity of Love and Bliss.

Mom, We Love You!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

With Spring Comes...

Apparently destruction and rebirth...
Luckily the destruction in our case is very minor and the rebirth will be glorious... I love all the new blooms and new leaves and plants and baby animals... oh and best of all.... New Grandbaby! yeah, yeah!!!
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Please Note...

Although I am a fan of thunder storms and have always loved to watch their displays... I AM NOT A FAN OF WIND!!!! I actually hate hearing the wind (ps... not a gentle breeze through the trees, but the howling kind)... not such a good thing since we sit at the top of a hill in Clay County Missouri where it is always at least a little windy. But seriously... can it just calm down for a little while. It actually makes me feel very anxious... don't know why, just does... of course yesterday morning at 2'ish it was perfectly reasonable to be anxious... I was pretty sure our house was going to fall down around us... it was insane! Wind screaming and whistling through every nook and cranny... sounded like a freight train... CRAZY!

But all is well except for some wind damage to the roof and no more Purple Martin Swiss Chalet... yup that's right, there might have been a Birdie fatality or two... it was pretty much smashed to smithereens... we always thought the post it was attached to would snap, we've watched it be whipped fiercely to and fro... but no... the post is still standing... doesn't look near as lovely with the Swiss Chalet missing tho'

oh well.... all things considered... We were very lucky and blessed... if a little frightened and shook up.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Missouri's Awesome Sky...

Missouri's thunder storms produce some truly amazing skies.
Brent snapped these pictures during this evenings string of thunderstorms. I love the sun shining through the clouds.
Joey you would have loved this evenings displays... we took turns watching between our front and back yards. Now the wind and rain is lashing the house... hasn't cooled down the temperatures yet tho'.
This shot was snapped out on our front porch when the rain let up just a bit right before the sun went down. Good job Brent~
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