Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gid the Cereal Kid...

Okay... I found these on my computer. I think Zach was the culprit. He calls them... Gid "The Cereal Killer". Not quite right... He sure loves his cereal though. The kids thought it was pretty funny to stick them to his head. I thought it was kinda cruel... but he doesn't seem to mind a bit. He is such a happy little boy... except when he wants out of his car seat... but that is another story.
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

What happend here?

Gideon was just going to town crawling and Mommacita and I were blogging and watching him... the next thing you know... Gid is squealing and mad as a wet cat. You see the evidence... Boo's water dish was completely full and then it wasn't. It wasn't so much the water that made him mad (at least after he got over the shock from the cold water)... it was the fact that he was slipping as he tried to crawl through it. I love the look of consternation in the top right corner. He wasn't sure if he wanted to laugh or cry at that point. Then Momma showed him he could have a splash fest on Grandma's hardwood floor. His first response was "Your crazy Momma" and then he got into the fun and all was good. They are so much fun... but you can not turn your head for one little moment. Plus he is not so sure he wants to be held... he has way to much to do and we are just holding him back. Gotta embrace the independence. This is when their personalities really develop and OH What a Personality He Has.... =0)
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Friday, July 27, 2007

Cedar Rapids, IA Youth Conf.

So this picture pretty much says it all. Cedar Rapids, IA Stake Youth Conference was held at the Liberty Stake Center. They came to Missouri to go to our local Historical Mormon Sites. They kindly invited the Liberty Stake youth to their first dance. It was a wonderful turnout and pretty much everyone had a great time. I even got to slow dance with Brent... I'm pretty sure this is Sarah's dream... just kidding. You gotta check out Zach's crazy hair in the bottom left corner. As you can see the girls just love him (Pictured with Lovely Sari and Little Galbraith). I wish the picture of him dancing with Sarah's little sister-in-law had turned out. They decided they were almost related. They sure looked cute dancing together. I have to say I was very proud of Zach... he danced with all the little wall flowers and made their night. I didn't even have to ask him to. I told him how kind that was... He said (being ever so humble) "I figure I needed to spread my goodness around." What a nut. It was still sweet. Of course when it came time to leave all the little girls from Cedar Rapids Stake had to exchange Facebook addresses with him. He was lovin' it.
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Gideon's Designer Bod

I saw this gift bag and then I saw my sweet Grandbaby and of course I thought... (wouldn't everyone?) I think this is what Gid will look like some day... pretty funny. So what I did was fold down the part of the bag with the mans face on it and place Gideon inside the bag... yes I said "inside the bag". I don't think he thought it was quite as funny as momma and I did.

This one is pretty much a classic. Hey girls... look at me... I am one super studly little dude!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Elder Iverson Goes Home

Elder Iverson is going home (boo hoo), so he had to come over to say goodbye and roast some mallows. It's tradition.. so is burning suits... but he didn't have one... or maybe he was afraid of his mom. I'm not sure why he thought he needed the axe??? What's up with that? We sure have enjoyed having him over and will miss him. We have been lucky to have him in our ward for close to six months. We have truly come to love and admire him. We wish him all the best. (Oh... check out my new do... pretty sure Brent doesn't like it... he hasn't said one word about the color... not one word... that is not like him... he might be learning.) Once again, dog in shot with Gideon and I... not ours.
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Gideon the Wonder Kid!

So Gideon is pretty much a Wonder Kid! You have to watch him all the time. Here he is on a mission. You may be thinking he is just innocently playing with Uncle Zach's flip flops... but no!
He loves this crazy dog... did I mention.... it is not ours. He belongs to the neighbors... but seems to spend way more time at our house than theirs. I'm pretty sure he eats more of the dogs' food then our three combined. But on to the Adventures of Gideon. Here Gid spots Sebastian and our little dogs. It was kinda sweet. Now pay close attention. Notice the door is shut.
You may be wondering "Who Let the Dogs In? Who? Who? Who? Who?" That would be Gideon. Pretty impressive huh? Isn't it neat that his momma caught this on film or you wouldn't believe it.
You can tell he is pretty proud of himself. He didn't even seem to mind that Momma closed the door. That just makes it a game. I open... you close... look what I can do. Gotta Love Him!!! But truly... Gideon is a Wonder Child Times Two! You take wonder child, Misty and add wonder child, Jake and you get Wonder Child Times Two, Gideon! (OH... by the way... I am probably in deep doo doo for blogging these first... but they were on my camera... so fair game.)
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Flood & Effect

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Playing with Graduated Tint

So Wendy & I are just doing a little playing in Picasa2. Here are three examples of graduated tint from a sepia picture. I think it is pretty neat to play in. I saw where they did this and printed it for four different pictures to put up in a grouping. Kinda fun!
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fun with Picasa2

Okay... I thought I did this once. I have been playing around with the special effects in Picasa2. I used the color saturation on this photo and loved the way it turned out. I need to go for a walk tomorrow (or technically today) after church and get some new photos to play with. It is after 1 a.m. and Brent and I are still wired. We have been working on the theater room all day... and I do mean all day... it is looking great... but we are completely wired. Could not fall asleep for anything. Good thing we don't have to be a church until 11:00 a.m. or we would be in deep kimshe. More later.
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Friday, July 20, 2007

Our Little Baby Bach!

Gideon is a baby prodigy! Okay maybe not a prodigy yet, but he sure likes to make music. Look at that grin. The more he played, the more he giggled and squealed.
Here he is trying to make sure Grandpa has got his good side. "Do you see how I make this neat music?"
We are pretty sure with his super talented daddy, he will be playing for real before he is five. That is my best guess, I could be wrong... might even be a little biased, but I don't think so. He makes a pretty cute Baby Bach anyway.
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Love Blogging!

I love blogging. I love everything about it. Isn't is wonderful to be able to stay in touch and even a little up to date with the click of a mouse. I think so. Maybe I should be concerned that someone untoward is reading my blog. I can't think of any harm that could come from it... Am I wrong? My friend sure thinks so. I say pooh pooh to that. I am so happy to be able to send a few little tidbits out and see all the fun that comes back from my family and friends.... fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

I can't wait to read everyones' new updates. I can't wait to see what insight might be out there. Misty's sweet sister-in-laws & Mom-in-law are so wonderful and eloquent. My little sis, Wendy, a poet and scholar always has something to cheer. Jade and Lacy are a barrel of laughs and what a great way to keep up to date on pictures of the cute babies.... I Love Blogging!!!!

Thank you, thank you, to my Misty for getting me started and showing me how much fun I was missing. I love your blog the best!

Maybe you can't tell...

Maybe you can't tell... but Gid had a lot to say to Zoe'... He had to show her his toys... he told her about all his treats.... he wanted to do a little drumming on her head.... (what's wrong with that?) she wasn't sure she wanted to get close enough to be whacked with the toy... but she was sure happy to eat his snacks... That top left picture of Zoe' is just a little bit crazy.... had to share.... Oh by the way... in case I haven't said it... Gid is a crawlin' fool. Of course in these photos he is doing it commando style... but he can so do it when he wants to... especially if he doesn't think anyone is watching... we're on to him though. More later... gotta sleep... at least try anyway.
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Bush Hat Baby!

I like this little shot. All you can see is his cute smile and his dimples... How can you not love it?
Gideon had to try on Grandpa's way cool bush hat.... Okay... so maybe Grandpa thinks it is way cool. The kids are not too sure.
Gideon was like... take this thing off me already.... I did cute.... now I am done.
Now this is cute! He loves to give his momma kisses. He has to grab your face first... then we slobber all over. They are the very best kisses ever. Oh how I love this little man.
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Congressman Sam Graves' Tarkio Fly In

So Brent, aka... BJ Scott, gets to have all the fun. While I was chaperoning at the Youth dance on Friday night (also a lot of fun, just not quite the same), Brent was up flying with Congressman Sam Graves. Then on Saturday morning he MC'd the Tarkio air show with Col. Mike McEnulty of the Air National Guard. After all the fun and games were over, he got to go up with a Special Forces Team in a Chinook helicopter for their jump. Now is that way cool or what?
Here are the pictures that were taken of Brent with Congressman Graves. He is the little man with Brent in the center shot. Nice Guy! Brent had a great time and really enjoyed both days.
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Hoe Down Anyone?

Our young women and young men have so much fun! In a combined youth activity with Kearney 1st Ward, a square dance club came in with their caller to teach everyone a thing or two about square dancing. Pretty much everyone got into it. There seemed to be something for just about everyone.
The "caller" threw a little line dancing and limbo into the mix. That really helped to break the ice and after that pretty much everyone was on the floor. It was a great night for all! Isn't it great to see that it is possible to have fun when to begin with they were thinking... Square Dancing? I don't think so. We really appreciate Brother and Sister Gerle who were so kind as to bring in their club to teach everyone. Even Brent and I got to do a little dancing. We had fun, but I can honestly say, I think I used to be more coordinated. Oh well... more later.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fish Killer

Okay... I have to say it.... I am officially a "Fish Killer". I think I had close to 30 fish in my pond and I killed all but the largest marble fantail, one small gold fantail and one little gold fish. I am completely and utterly braindead in the morning and can not be held responsible for my actions. At least that is what I would like to think.
So I get up at 5:30 in the morning, get dressed, go outside to my garden, water all the plants and notice the water is down about six inches in the pond... so I think, "I'll just add a little water, go and wake Zach up for work and come back outside and turn off the water." Should have worked... only I forgot the "turn off the water" part of the equation.
At 2:30, yes I said 2:30, Brent calls me "Hey hon, did you add some water to the pond?" He is still giving me the benefit of the doubt at this point that I had asked one of the kids at home to turn off the water and they had forgot. But no.... I just forgot. Lesson to self... DO NOT ADD WATER AND WALK AWAY... EARLY IN THE MORNING... YOU ARE BRAIN DEAD!
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4th of July Storm

Here are some pics we took on the 4th. This storm came up from out of no where. It dropped close to 20 degrees in like ten minutes. It was crazy. Then it rained to beat the band. Once the rain cleared off, it was pretty nice though.
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Harry Potter Night

So the kids had to go to opening night of Harry Potter. Dad told them he would buy the tickets if everyone dressed up. Alexander was our Harry Potter. We think he looked pretty good.
Misty was our Hermione (spelling??). Zach was one of the bad guys. Not sure which one. Pretty much he was a Voldemort supporter.... ick!
Harry Potter and Hermione are united in the battle of good vs. evil... unsuspecting of the evil Voldemort supporter sneaking up on them.
O'kay... I know you have to be thinking, "What the hey?" Zach was confused, he thought we said, "Dress in drag as a man___." His first thought was to go as the elf that wears the pillowcase instead of clothes. But it ended up looking like a tube dress. Not really what he was going for. So then he added a few accessories. You have to love my vintage coat he is sporting (my first gift from Brent - 25 yrs old). What a goof... a little too comfortable with his body.
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Friday, July 6, 2007

4th of July Silliness!

You might be thinking... what the heck.... It's perfectly understandable. Did you know... in order to play Texas Hold'em, you must dress up as some type of character? I so did not know this. I would have lost for sure.... They all looked pretty awesome.
Here Misty is with her sweet cousin, Delila. Aren't they cuties? We sure think so.
Here are the bad boys of the poker challenge. I'm not sure... but I think Zach is a rock star and Jake a rapper. They think they're bad... One things for sure.... they're bad at poker.... Misty kicked their trap.... you go girl. The boys had to resort to blatant cheating... didn't help... Misty still kicked some serious bootie.
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