Monday, August 2, 2010

Celtic Thunder - “Christmas Day 1915” FREE download

Celtic Thunder - “Christmas Day 1915” FREE download

Friday, June 18, 2010

More Fun with

before and after picnik

momma snuggle

Gids Kiss

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Messing with’s Photo Editing

bj and kiwi

I’ve been playing at I love this picture of Bj and Kiwi.

Ashelyn Ann Here is one I did with little Miss Ashelyn… so much fun. I loved playing!

I’ll put in a few more later. Anywho… it’s a great photo editing tool… many of the features are free I did pay for the premium upgrade… a whopping $4.95 a month… I’ve saved that in cutting down on the whole Sonic drinks anyway… so this is my reward.

Monday, May 24, 2010

KHS 2010 Graduate!!


Friday, May 21, 2010, Zachary was officially a Graduate of Kearney High School. We are so proud of you! It was a great night spent with family and friends.

Zach's Graduation Hug

Zach’s Graduation Hug!

Isn’t this the sweetest picture ever?!? I loved it the moment I snapped it.


A Sea of Purple and Gold!



Grandpa Richardson, Zach & Grandma Phyllis!

So thrilled they were here for the festivities.


Alexander, Zachary and Misty… our babies are grown up.

Only Alex left to graduate in two years. CRAZY!!!


Zach and Auntie Lynn (She sure loves all her nephews and nieces). It was too late a night for her daddy, Uncle David, but he made the open house on Saturday.

Some how or other we missed getting Jake, Gideon and Ashelyn in a pic. I’m sure I tried and got vetoed.   


Zach and David… bestest buds!


Zach and Tim Foreman… Spent all 13 years at KHS together and remained neighbors and friends through it all.


Beckett, Gage, Jake, Zachary and Richard.

Zachary we are so very proud of you!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

KHS Prom 2010


The Two Amigos… Aren’t they studdly!?!

Zachary would not take off the sombrero he bought in NYC.

101_0001The dress Jenni has on and Zachary’s vest and tie were made by Jenni’s Grandmother. They looked so beautiful together… notice the sombrero. 


Silly son with Sombrero and beautiful Jenni.

I made the rose for Jenni’s hair at her request… (Bummer ~ she lost it on the dance floor… I guess I’ll be making another)  Zach’s pocket square was an after thought that I whipped up Saturday morning so it would match the vest.


Jenni and her grandmother designed her dress. They put three patterns together to get just what she envisioned. I think they did a spectacular job.  

The sombrero just would not come off… well eventually it did, but it took forever… what is even up with that?


The back of Jenni’s dress was amazing!!! This picture showed off just how gorgeous it was and her pretty up do too!

Notice… no sombrero! 


Alexander escorted Kat ~ a beauty from the Czech Republic. Kat is a foreign exchange student and a senior this year. She and Alexander are friends from Choir. They made a stunning couple as well.


They had a great time… Alexander even danced… Crazy I know. You can see Alexander was really proud to escort such a lovely girl.

Alex and Kat left after just a few shots to join the group they went to dinner with for pictures at Kat’s friends house. I only managed to snag two decent pictures before they darted off. I’m so glad I was able to get these two shots.

100_9986 Zach putting on Jenni’s wrist corsage. Too bad I cut their heads off.

100_9989Jenni pinning on Zach’s boutonniere.

Jenni’s five year old cousin picked out and bought the earrings she’s wearing. She said she just knew Jenni would LOVE them. How sweet is that? The broach in the center of Jenni’s dress is an antique of her grandmother’s. Love, love, loved it!100_9994

This is Zach’s senior prom so I snapped a crazy amount of pictures for him. I’ll try not to bore you with too many more… but I had so much fun and it was such a pretty day for pictures.


101_0011 101_0009 101_0013

ps… the center shot above is a picture of Jenni and her sister, Morgan.

Zach and Alex Prom 2010

I loved this shot of my two guys… had to add it to our header for now.

Zach and Jenni 2

That’s all folks.

Friday, April 30, 2010

A Momma's Plea ~ Vote Please!!!

Kearney Missouri High School Chamber Choir
Vote for best Glee/Choir of Kansas City on KC Fox 4
Please, please, please ~ Vote for our Choir.

On April 17, the Kearney High School Chamber Choir was honored to perform at NYC's Carnegie Hall as part of the Distinguished Concerts Int'l New York series. The next day, the choir gave an impromptu concert in the underground subway tunnels of New York. With the roar of the subway trains behind them, the choir sang "Judgment" to a quickly growing crowd. It was the experience of a lifetime. Kearney's Chamber Choir, under the direction of Mr. Jason Elam, has 30 members and was also featured this year at the Mo. Music Educators Assn. Conference - one of only 5 high school choirs invited to perform at this year's convention.

You have to click on the link within the video below and register before you can cast your vote. We're up against Liberty High School Choir... so vote once a day. Voting ends on May 4th.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can Anyone Say, “GOOFY!!!”


I love this Huck Finn look…

Misty took these photos of Zach yesterday… the sun wasn’t quite at the right spot she says… glare and shadow… caused a bit of a problem. I love them anyway.

 DSCN2284 DSCN2286  DSCN2290

 These last two shots show off Zach’s personality to a “T”. He is so full of it sometimes.



 DSCN2313  DSCN2330

I thought these all looked awesome… I do see what Mist meant about shadows… but they are each such good pics. Not sure what we will do for his Sr. Pictures tho.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Let’s Go Fly A Kite…

OH, OH, OH, LET’S GO FLY A KITE100_9614Up to the highest height…

100_9634Let’s go fly a Kite and send it soaring…

100_9639Up through the atmosphere…

100_9666 Up where the air is clear…100_9671Oh, let’s go fly a Kite!!!

100_9674When you send it flying up there…

100_9676All at once, you’re lighter than air…

You can dance on the breeze…

Over ‘ouses and trees…

With your fist ‘olding tight…

To the string of your kite!


Crazy Kite Flying Fun!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Storm…

Sunday dawned a beautiful sunny gorgeous day… as Easter Sunday should. In fact, it was one of the prettiest Easters in a long time. Late in the afternoon the clouds began to roll in… what came next was one of the loudest thunderstorms in some time. It brought crazy winds and many areas enjoyed golf ball sized hail also… we lucked out on Sunday’s storm, but not so much on Tuesday Evening’s (BUMMER).


Here is a picture I captured right as the rain stopped. Isn’t it just beautiful. It makes me think of Christ ascending in to Heaven.

100_9700 This is the Rainbow I captured when I looked out the other direction… How cool is that?

100_9714 Another shot of the Son… I mean Sun peaking through the clouds. I loved it!


And this is the picture of the guy who wanted to meet Jesus. He was up there flying in the middle of the Thunderstorm… Brent says he was trying to fly above the storm… CRAZY!!!