Saturday, January 30, 2010

Osage Beach Outlet Mall Rocks Big Time!!!

I failed to mention that the MMEA Conference was held at Tan-Tar-A which just happens to be in Osage Beach… and you can’t go to Osage Beach without stopping in at the uberlicious outlet mall. 

The first place we went was The Children’s Place… woot, woot!!!


Ashe and Gid scored big time!

Ashe’s Apparel

100_9359 Gid’s Goods


I scored some super sweet new gloves from the Van Heusen Store.

100_9361 Fun Times!!!

MMEA – Kearney Chamber Choir

We were able  to attend Zach’s high school’s Chamber Choir concert, performed at the Missouri Music Educator’s Association Conference (MMEA) on Friday. This is an honor that only a select few choirs get to participate in every year. It was truly amazing. The Choir preformed 3 original pieces, written and arranged especially for this honor along with 4 other works. We attended with Dad and Momma Phyllis… it was so much fun to spend time with them.

Here are the few pictures we were able to snatch. Some are very blurry… poor lighting.

100_9330 100_9333100_9352


100_9332100_9334 I love the shots of Zach helping out his buddy with his collar while preparing for their performance.

Zach & Momma

I liked this shot Brent got of Zachy and me.

And… My Favorite!!!

100_9355 This was a shot of Zach after the performance… much after… as you can see he was preparing to remove his tux… such a stud… well at least he thinks so. WE LOVE YOU ZACHY and are so very proud of you!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Look for Mrs Frosty


Well… you can see she’s starting to melt… she’s losing some of her pretty features. So what’s a girl to do… new accessories.

The yarn boa is close to 15 yrs old… made by my momma-in-law and me. I think the scarf brings out the color of her eyes. Of course I had to pick them up off the ground and reset them in her melting face before adding her accessories. She needed a few other minor adjustments as well… she’s a melting fast.

Oh, The hat is from the 60’s and Bj’s Grandmamma made it… isn’t it awesome?

Have pleasant dreams all!

~ Kimberly

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Momma’s Easter Hat…

profile picture

Momma Loved this Hat!

I couldn’t resist… Bj thinks I’m Crazy!

Ok… really he knows I’m crazy… but I love it too!

Too bad I don’t have something to wear it with…

No really I should say… A good thing I don’t have something to wear it with.

ps… I’ve been trying to grow my hair out… what a bummer!

Takes FOREVER!!!!

Just a Little Something I Whipped Up…


Hmmmmm ~ What could this be?

I love the little vintage button!


A Candle Snuggy??? Funny… but no!


It’s just the easiest hat ever…

I just whipped it up for Miss Ashelyn.

It is basically a tube of blanket fleece. I doubled over one edge and zig-zagged it in place to make the hem. Then I gathered the top edge with big stitches using industrial thread and wrapped it tight to hold the little rose-et. Then all it needed was the vintage button to finish it off.

Yup… uber simple!

Mrs Frosty Needed Something…


Isn’t she so sweet? But she needs a little something.

Don’cha think?

100_9305Ah… That’s better…

(Sorry the picture is blurred)


All she needed was the right hat and scarf.

I had to build Mrs Frosty all by myself… dang it.

My boys think they’re too old to play in the snow with me.

Are you ever… really to Old to Play in the Snow???

I don’t think so… what’s your take.

Think Spring…


I decided to dress the kitchen table for Spring… Maybe I’ll get some good Kharma.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cook Out Anyone???


Well… I don’t know… what’da you think? It might be interesting at least, if rather cold. I about froze my patootie off when I went out to snap these pictures.

100_9260 My feet were semi-warm.


I don’t know why… but I love this picture.

You can see the frost sparkling on everything.

100_9269 This is the drift out our front door.

the color is just from shadows… no retouching.

I thought it looked cool… pun intended.

100_9273 Drifts out in the backyard… sparkling in the sun.

100_9276 I love fir trees… wish I had this in my front yard…

Pooh! It’s our neighbor’s across the street.

100_9268 The view from my front porch.

It is so very pretty… but I’m ready for the deep freeze to warm up.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Repurposing… Come On… It’s Fun!

So I’ve been havin’ a little fun this week… cleaning out the closet… baby steps… so much left to do, but so many ideas… What’s next on the agenda.

Have I mentioned I LOVE “One Pretty Thing”!!! I have so much fun seeing what other great bloggers have come up with and which things I might attempt. Here are a few I tried out…

100_9250 Ruffled scarf… from little scraps of left over fleece… Love it… need to make a few minor adjustments.

100_9253 ok… I saw this somewhere from a repurposed sweater… help me out here! I can’t find it again. I made it from memory… but I wanted to give the bloggy love to the person who originally posted the idea… this is for Miss Ashelyn. Okay… YEAH!!!… I found this idea HERE! Check it out… she gives great directions.


The body of the sweater became the cute little hat for Ashelyn… then the left over sleeves became half gloves for me… I must confess, I got this idea from blogland too! Can I tell you where… nope, can’t find it anymore… bummer… I’m going to have to do a better job of bookmarking all ideas I’m interested in trying.

This last scarf is from a repurposed skirt… I LOVE IT… so warm and toasty for the neck… I decided it needs some pretty black fringe for the edges tho.


Now a question for blogland??? Can a girl have too many scarves??? Hmmmm… It’s really all about accessories… I love, love, love them.


I knit the white and the blue striped fluffy ones… and some how or another have collected the others along the way. I wear them all… I have more… and people add to my stash. Well??? What do you think?

Oh… I have to show you one more stellar find…. These are so warm and toasty too!


With all the snow Missouri has been getting… these are getting a lot of wear. Misty and I found them last week… and ya know what? I’ve managed to wear them way more than I should… I might have to pick up an alternate pair.

I better sign off now… It’s way past my bed time.

Hey, has anyone out there watched “The Guardian” with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher? Did you like it? Can I just say… way longer than it needed to be and dumbest ending EVER!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Roxi’s New Sweater ~ Part II



So… Miss Roxi is looking pretty sassy in her new Hot Pink sweater. She struts around the house like she’s something special… makes me giggle. I tried to ruffle the turtle neck on this one by stretching the collar as I was surging the edges. It gave it just a bit of a lettuce leaf effect. I like the black thread against the hot pink. It works for me.

She doesn’t even look like she needs to be taken out and shot to be put out of her misery. I think she’s beginning to like the attention she gets. I really want to make her a little tutu… but I know she’ll hate it just like Ashelyn did…. oh well, such is life.

Oh, I forgot to mention… we got a ton more snow today! What the heck is up with this? The first batch is still on the ground. I don’t think we can plan on any substantial melting any time soon with the temperatures they’re predicting for the next week or so. You’d think it was Winter or something.

Did I mention… I like a White Christmas for sure, but then it’s supposed to transition right on into Spring.