Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Have You Received His Image in Your Countenance?

Does the light of Christ shine in your eyes?
Will He know you when He comes again,
because you shall be like him?
When He sees you will the father know his child?

I think our sweet Prophet was the embodiment of this song. You could see the love of the Lord shining in his eyes and bursting out through his smile. He dedicated almost his entire life to the service of the Lord and was a glorious example of all we can become. I will miss his sweet smile and the waving of his cane. But, I can just imagine the overwhelming joy the Prophet felt when he was reunited with his sweet Marjorie... how ready he was to take her in his arms and hold her close. I am sure it was a reunion to behold. I am so happy for him! No more toil and no more strife, a life of joy well deserved. I am reading his book "Stand for Something" and hope to be a better person through applying his teaching held within its pages. I love how he was able to write a book that could be shared and loved by all wanting better for our country and our world, both members and non-members, young and old. He will be missed and we have been truly blessed.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ballroom Dance Rocks!

Yeah for Dances with the Stars!

Brent's girlfriend, Edyta, was here.
He's pretty sure she wanted him.
(In his dreams maybe... I'm supposed to be working
on her moves... yeah right)

This show was totally amazing.
Thank you KKJO for the great tickets.
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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Little Green Riding Hood...

Little Green Riding Hood... You sure are looking good!

This makes me laugh and laugh... You should see her when we put the hood up... She won't move... he he he... What do you think? One vicious watch dog or what? She thinks she's big even though we may know different.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The New Year Brings Changes...

This week the Young Women's Presidency was released from Kearney Third Ward and a wonderful new group of sisters were called to take over. I am saddened to leave my calling with the YW after seven short months. What a wonderful, funny, inspiring, sweet group of young women. I loved them each and everyone and feel so blessed to have been able to serve them if only for a short time. The Bishop told me when I was released to enjoy my free time, be it a day or a week or a month. Isn't funny, I just feel lost. Even when I felt stressed with the restraints of juggling family, work, church and health... and maybe dreaded having to leave the house after a tiring day at work, I was always thrilled with my time with our girls. Unfortunately I think I gained more than I was able to give. I am thankful for the opportunity I was given to serve them and hope to have a new calling very soon.

You don't see me...

So Ozzy is really a garage kitty... at times she sneaks in the house for an hour or two of social time. She is a loving little thing and such a good kitty. Brent and I happened to notice her snuggled up with all of Gid's stuffed animals... You don't see her, she's not actually there, just another stuffed animal is all. It made me chuckle. Jake would be totally grossed out that the kitty was laying on Gid's toys... oh well, my kids survived and so will the Gidster.

My Softy...

So pretty much BJ is just a big old softy. Here he is with the brats, Dueter and Zoe'. They have to race to see who is the first to get to dad, growling all the while. You'd think they were so vicious if you heard them. Sometimes he will have all three dogs and the cat on his lap at the same time.... this is the same man that says, "I hate animals". Yeah right. Anywho, I love my big old softy. This picture really brings home how sweet he really can be.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I love my family...

I just have to say, "I love my Family!" What fun they are. I love and miss all my girls and their gangs. I love big families, even the dramatics, if not at the time... it makes for interesting conversation later. I love our extended family and families of new family members that I now consider my own. Can't you imagine how it will be when we return to our Heaven Father and he says "I sent them just for you!" I know I learn more from my children, their family and friends than I will ever be able to teach. I learn patience and love. I learn caring and joy in the littlest things. I learn that there always is a light side, even if I fail to see it. You make me smile... even when I'm hiding it from you. You are awesome and awe inspiring. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


May your New Year be filled with all the joy of a small child, the love of your family and friends, faith in the Living God, health and hope.

All our love,

~ The Richardsons