Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gideon Loves Ozzie!

Both Gideon and Ozzie, the garage kitty, love the hammock. Gideon wanted so badly to kiss the kitty and Ozzie wasn't having any of that. Grandpa helped a little and Gideon got a little kitty smooch in.
Next thing you know...Ozzie is so outta there. Or so he thought. I'm sure she was thinking..."I'll just hang out up here." Well...that didn't stop our little determined Gid. He just rolled over in the hammock and proceeded to pull himself back up to the kitty.
Here Gid is in hot pursuit. Ozzie doesn't seem to be over concerned. Grandpa is standing guard to make sure Gid doesn't flip off and bust his noggin'. It was all pretty funny...Ozzie's tail was going ninety miles an hour and Gid kept reaching for it. Lucky for him, he never got a good hold or it might not have all been fun and games.

Here is our little man and his rotten pet kitty. They're so much fun!
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Friday, June 29, 2007

My Pretty Pretty Babies!

O' know how when you're taking photos of the kids...they always go...pick me..pick turn...I'm cutest. O' that is what Miss Zoe' was all about. Both Deuter and Zoe' could not stand that I would be outside and not playing with them. So here are my sweet babies. Isn't she lovely? You can tell it's Zoe' because her tail curls correctly.
Then we have our handsome gray bearded Deuteronomy... otherwise known as Deuter. I was trying to get a shot of the garden, but he is much cuter. He can be such a sweet, loving little dog... as long as he's outside... for some strange reason he hates the shower curtain... can't stand it... has to wet on it every time I take it out of the dryer and hang it back up... I have even threatened him with his very life... he just doesn't get it... soooooo... he is an outside dog. I think he is just jealous because it is white.. like Boo... she gets to be inside and he doesn't.... so it must be yellow... just my theory.
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Kimberly's Retreat

I love working in my little retreat. It makes me happy and helps me to appreciate all the little pleasures in life. It is so peaceful and fun to see the changes as they occur. We have a whole family of little frogs. I couldn't get them to stay still long enough to photograph, but I sure enjoy watching them. They are smaller than the tip of my pinky finger. You should have seen the missionaries trying to catch them. It was a hoot! Oh well...more later.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Love the Lord, I Love the Ward, I Love My New Calling!

So I got called to be the 1st Counselor in YW's. I am so totally pumped. We had a pool party scheduled for tonight. It was raining to beat the band when I left silly me..I'm thinking...surely they won't still swim.....
Or would they....As you can see...They had a blast!
Everyone but Sister Tamra Rogers (My Super Duper YW's Pres) and I swam. We just sat on the edge and visited with the ladies...young and old...did I say old....I really meant...not quite as young.
As I said...I love the Lord...I Love our new Kearney Third Ward...can you believe it...Three wards in Kearney...well actually two wards and a singles branch..but still....It is so exciting. And I am totally and completely thrilled to be in the YW's program. What an opportunity for me to learn and grow and hopefully contribute as well.
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We're Singin' & Dancin' In the Rain!

Gideon loves being outside. He doesn't seem to mind if it's wet or dry, calm or windy. He is just an outdoor kinda boy!
Look at those shoes and he stylin' or what? I gave Misty a hard time about the stripes and the print shorts, but he is sooooo cute, he can carry it off. Maybe I'm a little or a lot partial.
Grandma needs to learn to shut her mouth. I think I was singing...imagine that.
Here is beautiful mommy and Gideon dancing around. We love our back porch.
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Alex is a Skating Stud

Alex has a blast on his board. He is still learning some new tricks. Stays very focused. He says he looks very smart in this photo...who knows....I think he's a cutie...maybe a little partial.
He let mom tag along as long as I didn't get in the way. I just enjoy watching him.
Alex said he was getting ready to do a manual...whatever the heck that is...I know that Jake would know...oh well...I'm still learning the lingo.
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The Mean Green Zach Machine! Zach and his friends are a little crazy. They painted theirself green and tried to dress up like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles..then went to the opening night of the movie. It was a mess...but they sure had fun. The funny guy in the shades is our neighbor, David. Sometimes I think he might just be another son....I think he eats at our house more than his....oh well...we kinda like him anyway. The other young man in the second photo was a pole vaulter with Zach in track....can't remember his name.....more tomorrow.

Someone must have been hungry...they chewed on this photo.

Gideon James Doan...Grandma's Pride and Joy!

Here are my handsome men. Am I lucky or what?!? Gideon likes to play flyin' baby. I think Grandpa might be having more fun.
Here you see Gid studiously practicing his drums. He's going to be just like his dad.....if we're lucky. Isn't he a hoot?
Gideon loves his excersaucer! He gets soooooo excited. He makes me smile all the time.
Now don't you just want to kiss this little guys face?...or maybe it's pinch his cheeks. Either way we think he's great!
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Just a Little Fun at the Richardson's!

So this little kitty, Ozzy, is a little spoiled! O'kay....maybe some would say a lot spoiled. She likes to swing in the hammock. Don't know where our weird animals come from. Oh well....we seem to love them anyway.
We fed the missionaries dinner last night. Grandpa had to hold Gideon...guess I didn't realize the elders were not allowed to hold babies. We love our missionaries...their names are Elder Iverson...closest to Gideon and Elder Thurman...holding Boo. Super nice guys. We sure enjoy having them over. Brent picked the guys up about an hour before I got home. They brought their bikes and did a little tracting in the neighborhood. Said they got a pretty good response from the Kelly family. Their son, Zach...otherwise known as bubbles in the a good friend of our Zach. We are hopeful that they will continue to be receptive.
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Kevin and Becky Tie the Knot!

Pictured above, big brother and best man, Brandon, gives advise to the newly weds.

Kevin and Becky were all smiles at the dinner held in their honor. Approximately 80 friends and family were there to celebrate their special day!

Pictured below, Kevin and Becky Smith are ready to depart for the beginning of their life together!

Doesn't she look lovely.

Flood of May 2007

You can see that the water has covered this road and bridge earlier in the day. Crazy Zach and some of his friends thought...hey...wouldn't it be fun to jump off of the bridges into the swollen river. You can imagine what I had to say.
Heading south on Hwy 69 toward Liberty. This is what 2 days of constant rain will get you. It was pretty scary at times. I began to wonder if I was going to have a way to get home. By 5 p.m. though it had receded enough that most routes had been reopened. Lucky Me!
This is 69 Hwy leading into Excelsior Springs. It was taken after the water had gone down.

Zach's Track Stuff

Zach at one of his many track meets...and yes he cleared it!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Catching Up

Alex just hanging out in a tree at the Father & Son campout...

Alex likes to get a little air in the basement. We think he's cool! Pretty cute too!
Here is my sweet little grandson, Gideon James Doan. He's in his lumber jack attire.
This was my first look at our little handsome man. Doesn't Momma Misty look great! It was a special day for both Grandma Jenny Doan and I. My first grandbaby and her first Doan namesake grandbaby.
Misty hates this picture, but hey, it was the best one of me with Gideon, so for me.
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My First Blog

We just got home from Kimberly's family reunion. Thought you'd like to see these people. O' Brent likes to say this is my family reunion...but you tell me doesn't this guy look more like him....I think not.
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