Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Zach and Jenni - Pond Excursion

Zach and Jenni were good sports and went in the pond to check out the depth for me... Zach wasn't too sure... but Jenni was like "I'll go!" What a hoot! Of course Zach couldn't be one upped by a girl... So, in they went. Oh, check out the Rainbow that came out just as the Kids got out of the water... it's a little blurry, but you get the drift.
This is a visitor to our small ornamental fish pond... you might not be able to tell... but he was as big as my hand... pretty much gianormous!!!! Brent thought he might be eating our goldfish... I said no worries... I see them swimming around... at least Big Bertha (yes, I name my gold fish... she's awesome!!!).

So.... When They Say "Test the Cake"

They really mean "Test the Cake"... before you take it out of the oven and the center sinks. Brent said, "Well it looked done!" Not so much... the center was goo! So we scooped it out... threw it in the trash and salvaged the rest... Now this is PATHETIC!

I'm Pathetic...

I promise... I got out the cake mix with every intention of making Brent a Funfetti Cake... next thing I know he's in there mixing it up himself... He's something else... so I sprayed the pan with pam and stuck it in the oven... does that count as helping at least? I'm a bad, bad Wife.... Bj is a much better wife than me. He loves the whole cooking thing... just look at his happy little face... gosh I LOVE Him!
I might have been taking these pictures when Brent started on the cake... that makes it my fault doesn't it? Dang it! I was sharing some almonds and Craisens with Kiwi... she LOVES them!

Note to Self...

Never, Never, NEVER let my Driver License expire again!!!
Especially not past the magic 6 month time line.... just in case your wondering... Yes they do make you take both the written and the driver's exam again. I almost made myself sick worrying about it... I mean come on... I've been driving for 27 years and have never... no never gotten a speeding ticket... but the thought of taking the test again was enough to make me ill. I have to say... the folks at MO Hwy Patrol (Excel Springs office) super, super, nice! Didn't seem to matter... I'm a nut job... I really was almost in tears... I HATE tests... and all because by the time I realized my license had expired then found out I couldn't find my Birth Certificate (Which I had to have again... after 27 years of driving)... had to mail off to California for that... $42.00 later... had my birth certificate... but what???? where is my SS card??? So then I had to go to the Social Security Bldg in KC and apply for a lost Social Security Card replacement... Yup they were ultra nice also... the lady at the counter was hilarious when I told her what I was trying to accomplish... she says whatever you do... don't go to Gladstone... they are not even nice... so today, in honor of Brent's birthday... he got to take me to get my license renewed... FUN! I got a 100% on the written... Crazy... I had to restrain from changing anything... go with your first instinct they always say and it paid off... Then on to the drivers exam... can I just say... I was close to tears... I'm CRAZY!!!! Brent says so. Just so you know... you can pass the test if you fail at parallel parking... I told the lady... I can not see the markers at all... and just so you know... I never parallel park... in fact if at all possible I only park where I can drive out forward. She laughed and told me that worked for her... I was in my Durango... can't see so great to back up at my height... anywho... long story short... well not really... I got a 91% on the driving portion... that's with a couple of points taken off for forgetting to check my blind spot one time...
YEAH!!!! I am legal and it's not the worst picture ever either.
oh... kinda a funny thing.
They asked me my eye color... I said Blue... that's what my eye doctor tells me any way...
so they put Blue on the little yellow form...
then I get back my drivers license and it says Green...
What's up with that?

Now... all I did was a focal Black and White... so the color shows.
Wouldn't you say Blue ?
Crazy Lady... Do I have to have them fix it on my license?

Happy B'Day Mr. DJ...

Happy Birthday sweetie! I love you! You make my world rock!!! No really, you do! No pun intended.
PS... you're the best lookin' DJ in the bunch... nothing against the rest of the KKJO crew... I'm just partial to my handsome man.

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Drawstring Bag in the Making...

Sew... I mean, soooo... my first little drawstring bag is a little small. I guess it will soon be transformed into a backpack for my little charmer, Ashelyn. I am working on a new bag for me. It's made with 3 1/2 inch squares instead of the 2 1/2 inch squares. Not near as cute, but moves a whole lot faster. I went with stripes for the back of the bag... same fabrics used in the front... same size stripes as the squares... quick and easy. I hope to finish it up tomorrow... but once again... it's bedtime for Bonzo.
Happy sewing all...
ps, on the salvage of this fabric it said Bonnie Benn Stratton "Quilt for a Cure" not sure what cure... but kinda neat, none the less. This fabric is from a fat quarter bundle I have had in my stash since 2002... Retro Nouveau... I have loved this fabric forever.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


While visiting another blogger I ran across Pink Penquin's blog. She has a few step-by-step tutorials that just happened to feature a bag very similar to this little gem. If you are interested, check it out here.
So I made this cute little drawstring purse with a Soiree' by Moda charm pack. Actually one charm pack will make two bags with a few 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 squares left over for a later project. I didn't have any cording, put had this bright pick gross grain ribbon that made a fine shoulder strap. I lined it with a coordinating fabric... same one I used for my runner actually. Anywho... it was a Fun and easy weekend project.

So yup, this is my new summer purse for now... more later... bed time for Bonzo... Happy sewing all! >:o)

Zach Lookin' Good...

Zach lookin' all snazzy and ready for his big date.

This is what I call Zach's old man face.
These two pics showed his tuxedo a little better...
the pinstripes didn't show up very well in the other shots.
I think he looks very handsome...
even if he is my own sweet boy...
well, sometimes not so sweet... but still my boy.

oh... check out the chin hair he's sporting... Zach thinks he is something.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

KHS Prom

Zach & Jennie and their Posse.

Everyone is looking spiffy in their prom finery.

Zach & Jennie

It's the Zachman looking studdly!

Getting Ready for KHS Prom...

Staging a picture that should have been taken from the base of the stairs.

The whole hee haw gang... looking spiffy.

The studs... I only know Zach and Jake... aka, Beckett
Beckett is standing in the center next to Zach.

I thought this shot Brent got was too funny...
It looks like they are getting ready for a funeral procession.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Too cute, too cute... G'ma Loves her B'babies!

Spring has Sprung...

Does is get any better than this? I don't think so.

She is such a silly little miss. She wasn't sure
whether to smell the flower or eat it.

Now Gid is all man.
He was all about climbing on the wood pile.

Can you resist this sweet face?
I know I can't.

Zach's Smithville Track Meet...

Zach's Track Meet...

Here are just a few shots that Bj got at Zach's track meet last week. Zach has been struggling this year to beat his personal best. They finally adjusted his approach to add some extra steps... this allows for speed and lift... tomorrow's meet should let us know how that is working out for him... keep your fingers crossed. All I can say is... sure is high! I think it would be very scary. Zach loves it though.

Jeni's Shower Gifts...

The picture on the top is the pillow Tamra made Jeni to match the quilt she is making for her wedding gift. It is amazing!

The bottom picture are the gifts from Misty and me. We decided to shoot for romantic. Every girl needs a little romance... so goblets, candles and more candles... some for the kitchen, some for the bath, some for the bedroom... but none for beside the bed because Jeni is restricted from burning candles beside her bed... there was the whole bedroom on fire incident.... nuf said. I added the pictures as well because Jeni hadn't had any printed yet and they made for a nice table... over all it was a super nice shower. Carolyn did an awesome job planning the day. Marcy, Lonnie, Misty, and Erin made sure it went off with out a hitch. Tamra did well throughout the entire tiring day... so it was pretty much awesome! Jeni had close to 24-28 friends and family there and only one person got lost on the way to my house... so yup... good times.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Couldn't Resist...

There was a little girl,
that had a little curl,
right in the middle of her forehead,
and when she was good,
she was very, very good,
and when she was mad she would hurl...
Sorry Misty... it made me laugh... man this girl can hurl.
Love, Love, LOVE her!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter with the Fam...

I Love when the family gets together... we're smaller in numbers than on past occasions because not everyone was able to be here, but we still had a great time visiting with everyone. We sure missed having Dad and Phyllis with us... we'll see them in a couple of weeks. Uncle David and Lynn (in the Center shot) and Brad and Miranda joined us for an afternoon of eats and visiting. Loved seeing everyone.
We thought we'd try to snap a few shots of the little ones in their Easter finery... they looked so sweet... it kinda looks like Ashelyn is getting ready to meditate.... ohmmmmm
I loved this shot of Ashe and Gid on the hammock... I wish the shadows weren't in the shot... but loved it any way.... ps... don't you LOVE Ashelyn's curls?

Mr. Man is Full of Fun!
And she's off... Boy it sure is hard to catch this little girl sitting still... and do you see that honery little gleam in her eye?
Kinda a cute shot, even tho they're totally looking in different directions.
Mr. Man off to Work.
This is another sweet one of our two little munchkins... We sure do love them.

Happy Easter Everyone!!! We love you.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Babies...

So Misty, Gideon and Ashelyn came to visit grandma at work today. A visitor came and joined in the fun. Gid and Ashe weren't sure what to think, but they warmed up a little when gifts were offered... fun, fun.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Jeni & Julian... Photo Shoot

Jeni scared for her life... she really doesn't like heights at all.

Here are just a few of the pictures Brent took of Julian and Jeni yesterday after the final General Conference session. It was FREEZING COLD outside... windy and kinda sleety raining... but we got some fun pictures... both of the kids are silly which made for some really fun shots.

ps... the far right shot in the middle row is a picture of the kids standing on the Railroad bridge... where Jeni professed to almost fall and die... in her mind anyway... made for a cool shot.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lovin' Me Some G'Baby Time...

So Misty and the sweet babies came by for a visit between conference sessions today! We sure missed them while they were out in Utah visiting. It was only a week, but I'm tellin' you it seemed like forever! They are such a joy and give the sweetest hugs and kisses. Love, Love, Love my babies and my sweet Misty for just being her. What a good mommy she is. Little Miss Ashe is getting to be such a big girl and just look at our handsome Gidman... good times.