Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our Sweet Baby…


How could you look in this sweet face and not just fall in love? She is a growing girl, she’s up to 2 1/2 lbs… crazy! Still so tiny. She should top out at 4 to 6 lbs.

Notice the little pretty she’s wearing around her neck. The only color collar we could find was blue… that just wouldn’t do for our little girl… so, I cut a strip of fabric two inches wide by twice the length of the collar, surged the edges, flipped it inside out… the hardest part… seriously… I hate that part. Then fed it over that ugly collar and wa’ la’ presto chango a pretty little girl collar. Cheap, cheap… made with scraps. My sister, Renee, and her daughter-in-laws might recognize this fabric as a left over scrap from the g’baby girls’ dresses. Just goes to show that even a tiny scrap of fabric is good for something.

More Fun With Luminaries…

100_8327 Here are the three beautiful fall Luminaries Misty and I made for here house. I love how the colors pop. We went with three different sizes for a nice center piece option… just throw in a few fall leaves and a pretty table runner.

100_8329 On the three I did for our home I went with three small jelly jars (all the same size). I love how they alternate with the pillars for a pretty kick.


Here the candle display is remade over for a nice winter theme.  I HEART this one! It didn’t show up very well in the picture, but the two round snowball candles are sooooo uber cute… Love them! When we Mod Podged the center luminary we completely covered the upper lip. It turned out awesome… even earned the Eldest Son’s seal of approval. That takes some doing. I think he was thinking gift idea also.


The kitchen table is currently dressed for fall. It will transition easily over to a Christmas theme with just a few minor changes.

Fun stuff and easy to do. Hope you’re inspired to pick up a jar a Mod Podge and join in the fun. I’d love to see what you do, so be sure to blog and comment.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I {heart} luminaries!


100_8322 Beautiful fall colors!

Red, gold, burgundy, and orange…

Makes you just want to jump in a pile of leaves.100_8325The cool crisp color of a snowy winter night.

All these little lovelies take is:

  • a bottle of Mod Podge… we selected glossy
  • tissue paper cut in little squares or torn to size
  • a foam brush
  • jars of any size or little clear votive cups
  • embellishments of choice… we went with raffia.

Now think how many friends and family might enjoy these for a sweet handmade gift.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Funny Story... Scary Lady...

So the story goes something like this...

My good friend, Anita, and I decided to kill two birds with one stone over lunch today. We went to the HyVee Grocery Store for both lunch and to order cakes for our sons' birthdays. We proceeded to the deli counter to pay for our awesome lunches from the HyVee Salad Buffet... truly a stellar Salad Buffet... I had to make do with the image above... didn't have a camera handy to take a picture and they would have thought I was crazy if I whipped one out anyway... sorry I digress...

, Anita went to the buffet first while I staked out claim to our table. Then we swapped places. Now I don't know if you've ever been to a HyVee Salad Buffet... but they are huge and people join the throng from all sides at all times... Peace Lovin' Me walks up to the buffet... I notice a lady at the end... yes, near the plates... but not really looking toward the salad section at all.... but is instead poking around the fruit and dessert section on the end... so I step up to the plates, take one and begin to fill my plate with salad goodness... when all of a sudden I hear and see her... yes the scary lady... go... Well hmmmmffff! So I say, I'm sorry did I cut you off... in all sincereness... I kid you not. And scary lady says... Well I'm from Southern Missouri and We don't treat people like this where I'm from.... then she proceeds to storm off around to the other side of the bar with her plate.

About this time a nice man and his sweet little boy approach the buffet from the other direction to get the little one some Chili and Cheese... nice man says Pardon Me... I step back and say... go right ahead.... And Then.... Yes, that's right... Scary Lady storms back around the buffet with plate in hand... still nothing added to her plate... storms right up to me... Not Exaggerating at All... and says And you have on a peace sign!!!! and I say... Excuse Me? Scary Lady again...You have on a PEACE SIGN!!! (see picture below) and confused and by this time a little frightened me goes... I thought you were getting dessert. At this point she storms over to the Customer Service Counter to complain about MY behavior... I'm not joking!!!

Now I promise you there was no rudeness intended, but scary lady has taken away a horrible impression of we folk from up North.

Now some of you might not know me very well, but if you did and do, you know that I will let almost anyone in front of me... so I feel kinda bad that it went this way... But I'm just sayin' SCARY CRAZY LADY from Southern Missouri... I am SOOOOO Sorry!

Oh, so when I went back to tell my girlfriend about my experience. Anita says... her words not mine... You are one of the nicest politest people I know... Now if it had been me, I maybe would have done it without ever having noticed I'd caused offense. I think your outfit must have set her off. She's judging you because of what you have on. She was kidding of course.
I just want to say...I'm not trying to make a statement with my outfit... I just Loved the Color!

Let me know if you've ever experienced something like this. I wanna hear your horror stories... we can commiserate.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zinnias, Cosmos, & Goldenrod...

A study in Focal Black & White...
I looooove this!

I Love this little pitcher wrapped in a Vinca Vine from my little garden. I added a little Cinnamon Fern to the mix for fun. The Goldenrod was picked from our field along with the tiny white wild flowers (they smell like heaven). The bumpy little gourds are the surprise that came up in my garden. Oh, and the red peppers around the large pitcher in the top shot are from my garden... hot, hot, hot! Made a nice color contrast with the Zinnia's and Cosmos I picked from fields and fields of them along the highway... I'm bad.

Havin a Little Fun in the Sun...

Good Times...

Gid was having some serious fun using Jake's old tires as a jungle gym. I asked him what he was doing??? I'm jumpin' GramMa.
Jake showed Ashelyn how to spin on the swing... Yes, she loves it.
She was having a little difficulty here... but it didn't really phase her, she just crawled off and started over. All in all the kids had a blast.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Sweet Little Ashelyn...

Ashelyn is getting to be such a big girl... so independent and inquisitive... much like her momma and daddy I suspect. I know she takes after her momma. Misty took this beautiful picture... she even downloaded to my computer so that I could use it... How sweet is that? It will shortly be adorning one of the walls in my living room... yea! yea!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Woolen Project...

Tamra, Lynn Marie, Uncle David and I went to the
Greenwood Antique Show this weekend.
This was my favorite find.... the clipped sheep's wool.
I have a project, that was inspired from a DIY on One Pretty Thing.
If you would like to see the inspiration go HERE.

Here is my take... semi felted woolen soap. (I'm still learning)
How cool is that?
No wash cloth necessary... I thought these would make neat gifts for men.

Doesn't get much better than this...

Me on a quilt, basking in the sunshine, with all my babies... can't ask for more.
ps... I snatched this picture from Misty here.

How much is too much...

Misty blogged this query here.
I think the answer is, I obviously don't have a clue.
Is there such a thing as too much?
Well maybe if you were to attempt to wear them all at once.
I'm pretty sure these will all be either Birthday gifts or Christmas Gifts.
The necklaces above and below layer nicely... three options for earrings...
a girl has to have options.
Soft pink, lavender and rose... pretty, pretty.
I heart this one... can I have it???