Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lemon Fresh Skate Day at the Park

This morning was the first in a series of shoots that will be done of some of Jake's and Alex's skate buddies sporting Jake's Lemon Fresh - Skate Clothing Line. Sarah (Jake's sister) got some unbelievable shots that will eventually be posted on the Lemon Fresh Blog. Be sure to check out their site and add it to your favorites. This totally amazing shot of Alexander was taken by Sarah and edited in photo shop by Jacob.
Had to throw in another Gid shot skating... He's a hoot!

These next not quite as amazing shots were taken by little old me as I was trying to stay out of the way and entertain Gideon. I love them even if they are lacking her artistic eye and ability.

In the upper left corner pictured starting on the far left are: Caleb Yockey, Jake Doan, Caleb Warner, and Alexander. (Gotta love Alex's faux hawk ~ he can totally pull it off) And don't ask what they are doing in this bottom right picture.

Here are a few additional shots of Alexander and his buddy, Caleb Yockey. Caleb is totally amazing on a board, but was a little off today. He was fighting a stomach ache and that doesn't go well with some of the jumps he performs. ~ Don't forget to check out the Lemon Fresh Blog for more amazing shots.

Zach & Taylor...

Here is Zach-man getting ready to leave on his very first date ever! His date's name is Taylor, she's a cutie! Off to Homecoming they go! I can't believe all my children are growing up. Where has time gone?

Zach is now driving (Watch out Kearney) and dating (he's a real ladies man). Taylor and her best friend faught over who got to go to homecoming with Zach, as you can see Taylor won. Zach said it was always Taylor, her friend was just delusional. He can be so kind.

Thought I should include this full shot also.
They looked so nice together.

Here is a picture of Zach's good friend Ian with his date Sammy. They were very cute together also. Ian has been staying with our family while his younger sister, Mary (9th grade), goes through Chemotherapy. We love him and wish there was more we could do for his family.

A Little Snooze...

After a hard day at the skate park, Gid sacked out for a little snooze.

My Sonic boy...

Gid was so incredibly good at the skate park for Jake's Lemon Fresh photo shoot. He pretty much entertained himself. Not once did he fuss, he such a good boy and loves being outside. Here's a few shots of the Gid-n-ator at his daddy's photo shoot (we couldn't leave him out).
This is what he was wanting to do the entire time.

Friday, September 28, 2007



When I'm sad and feelin' blue,

and really don't know what to do.
I blog, blog, blog the whole night through.

Though I might cry a tear or two,
They're tears of joy, that grew and grew.
It's blog, blog, blog; from me to you.

So if your sad and feeling blue
Follow my lead, it's true, it's true
Blog, blog, blog and you'll get through

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What can I say???

So I love taking pictures of my Misty's family. So shoot me... jk... Lucky for me, they indulge me. I love the shots of the three of them on Misty's new bed, even if the one is a bit unfocused. (I think I'm calling it artsy, yah... that's the ticket.) We thought Gid looked like quite the little man in his warm up suit that Miss Teresa got him. Jake thought he looked like a dork... can he say that? I don't think so.

You can tell little pea is not feeling great in these pictures. I think his teeth were giving him fits. He now has some little buds on the top as well as the two teeth on the bottom. Poor thing gets his teeth in twos and threes like his momma did.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Is there a smurf in the house???

These are some pretty sexy legs... to bad they're blue... I think it had something to do with team spirit... Homecoming week and all.
Apparently Sophomores are Blue... Zach is on the right, his jacked friend, Jake is on the left.
Check out Zach's doo. He is even cute blue. Gotta love the fact that he is wearing his sisters blue plaid shorts. Now that is confidence. They were cheering at the Girls Powder Puff Game! Rock on!

Kearney 8th Grade Ruled!!

Kearney 8th Grade Boys rocked out at last nights football games. The "A" team won 50 - 7 and the "B" team won 20 - 0. Yay! for Kearney Boys. I was glad to get to see the entire game. Alexander is # 45. He is still learning all the plays and move. He is a little behind his teammates because he never played prior to this year. He says he is still having a good time and that's what it is all about. We are sure proud of his hard work, dedication, and great attitude. I need to take a lesson from him.
Check out this action!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kinda funny...

Found this picture... made me smile.
They have always been cute together.
I know it may be difficult to believe, but it is Misty chasing Jake,
not the other way around.
She had a thing for this cute, funny drummer.

First photo is prior to Jake's Mission and the Second photo is just after Jake's return. (pretty sure)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Zach is in deep kimshi...

Almost 1 a.m. and Zach is not home... He went to a church function and hasn't come home yet. At Midnight I called him to tell him... Get Home Now! Apparently he thought I was joking and I really meant later. This is the part of being a mom I don't really cherish. I know I should cherish all parts, but the staying up all night waiting for a child to come home... not so much.

He is hanging out with David and seems to think this is no big deal. I am thinking if dad were home... he wouldn't be pulling this, so pretty much he is in deep kimshi (otherwise known as doo doo, and I mean doo doo, not some other bad word).

* ps... So Zach and his friends strolled in around 1:23 a.m., saw me sitting at the computer waiting and said "Uh Ohhhh!", Had a little talk about what is acceptable and what is not. "But we were just hanging out at David's house." Literally next door. Didn't really matter to me since I was still sitting up waiting on him to get home. Went to bed at 1:28 a.m. - pretty sure I was asleep by 1:30 a.m. - got a call from a worried Dad at 1:57 a.m. - had to set his mind at rest (he just read my blog after he got to his hotel in Omaha)- then I think I crawled back in bed a little after 2:00 a.m. - so I pretty much got no sleep after that - yes life is good - oh yeah, Zach is really in deep doo doo now.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

From Pacifiers to Motherhood...

What a beautiful, sweet baby she was... I was so thrilled, excited, and terrified to take her home.

I was even more thrilled, excited, and terrified for her on her wedding day. Thrilled and excited for all the adventures and wonders she and Jacob were about to begin in their new life together. Terrified with the fact that this meant I was getting old, a mother-in-law no less.

Then there came the real moment of truth... My sweet baby was about to become a mother for the first time... Yes, I was thrilled, excited, and terrified once again. I knew that she would be a wonderful mother... once she made it past fourteen, when I wasn't even sure she would make it to adulthood, she turned in to the wonderful daughter, wife, and mother she became that day. So I was thrilled and excited for the new adventures and wonders she and Jacob were beginning. And you know what other then being a little terrified of my sweet baby going through labor... you know terrible things can happen when you go through labor... even though I managed it... it wasn't quite the same when it's my little girl... but I have to say the grand-mother part has been a breeze.

So pretty much my daughter has filled my life with thrills, excitement, and terror. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you and your brothers more than life itself. Happy 21st Birthday!

Monday, September 17, 2007

A couple of random shots...

I don't know why, but I like this shot... I would love to get a picture of the guys standing on this or by this or laying under this tree... pretty much, I just think it would make a great shot with my boys.

I snapped this picture of the last of the wild flowers. You can see they are faded and a little sad, but this field was so very pretty for such a long time... now we will have to wait until next spring to see what nature has in store for us. I love the changing seasons and can't wait to see the leaves change with fall.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oh... What a Beautiful Morning...

Every day, Monday through Saturday, I get to experience sunrise in Kearney ~ thanks to my Zach. He is more than willing to get his license, but Mom and Dad are not quite ready yet. Aren't we silly? NO!
The unfolding beauty of the heavenly sunrises, make the early mornings well worth the effort and lost sleep. Here is my "I'm sorry ~ My mom is a little camera crazy ~ Sunrise Progression".
The first photo in the upper left hand corner of the first collage was taken just after Zach got out of the car at the High School. He had to be dropped off before 6:45 a.m. (on a Saturday, no less) I looked out the window, saw the beginning of the sunrise and thought "I'll just get out of the car and snap a quick picture"... no big deal to me. Zach's friends are like... "What the heck is your mom doing?" Then Zach replies (and later tells me), "I'm sorry, just ignore her, my mom is a little camera crazy!" Nice Zach... any way, then I proceeded to take my normal drive home... pre-seven on a Saturday morning the back roads in Kearney are basically dead. At each stop sign & along the back roads, I just would stick my face and camera out the window and snap a picture or two. Okay... I'll admit... this maybe was a little crazy... I even pulled over & got out to take a couple pictures at one cross road.
I have to say it with song, as I tend to do... Oh, what a beautiful morning... Oh, what a beautiful day... and it was! Watching a sunrise is a great start to any day. After seeing one, I am filled with a sense of peace and thanksgiving. This final picture is the full blown sunrise from my back yard.
Thanks Zach for putting up with your momma! I will miss our early morning discussions and these glorious sun rises when you start driving on your own. I have enjoyed teaching you to drive, you are doing so great! You still can't get your license till the end of the month... I know... lame!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alex Rocks Big Time...

So my sweet, some times somber, often silly, Alexander has come a long way. From his very first photo at the hospital, to his turn in the bowl (family tradition), to his adventure in the dryer, to his first Boy Scout Camp; he remains my sweet baby boy. Even as he progresses and his character grows, I see the man he will become.
Here is the progression of Alexander receiving his birthday gift. Notice dad looking on proudly in the lower middle shot. What a fun night this was. We had Alex open his presents tonight, even though tomorrow, September 14, 2007 is his official birthday. He is going to be out late tomorrow evening at Kearney High Schools home game with a bunch of his friends and his brother's posse'. After the game they are all coming back to the house for an all night Halo match. Then up on Saturday to go to the Skate Park in Excelsior. He is way excited. (Don't you love the center shot of Alex... he is showing how he will be rockin' out big time) I love it. We had to almost twist his arm to get him to open his present, then he was all smiles. I'm pretty sure this is his favorite gift ever. Jake has been teaching him to play drums and guitar. Alex is so very lucky to have his super talented brother-in-law so willing to teach and he loves him for it.

Alexander Bruce Richardson (named after my father, Victor Bruce McOsker) was born on September 14, 1993. He was our little surprise. We tried so hard to have another child after Misty, then it was five years before Zach arrived. Then a little over a year later, we are expecting our fourth child. I can tell you it was quite a surprise. Especially after the problems with Zach's birth. Alex's aunt Tonya always said Alex was hers because we teased her that we created him in her new water bed when we stayed overnight with mom after a New Years Eve party. After Tonya got over the yick factor, she thought it was kinda neat. Alex was my only child that I new exactly when I got pregnant. I think I found out I was pregnant a few weeks into it... I knew I was pregnant, I could just tell... I can't remember how many tests they made me take before they confirmed it... but I can tell you I was overjoyed! Alex was a planned C-section. No messy labor and needless pain with him... nope, we set the date... and he arrived. He was so serious and sweet. It almost seemed he had something to tell me. He would open his eyes wide and look right into my eyes. His sister and big brother were so excited to get to take him home from the hospital. Then we found out that he was a little jaundice, but it was nothing to be worried about, they would send out his own little glow worm outfit... Belly Rubin lights... and he would be good to go. It was the neatest thing I had ever seen. He looked just like a little glow worm... truly! It was a six inch wide belt of special fiber optics that was wrapped in a soft fabric which I'd Velcro around his waist and chest. Then you dressed him and turned it on. The kids and neighbors loved it. I wish I still had the picture. It was much better than having to take him back and forth to the hospital for Belly Rubin treatments, the blood tests on his tiny feet were bad enough. Every day someone would have to drive us in to the family doctor to have his blood drawn, until his levels remained in the safe zone. What a bother... especially since I had a seven year old and a twenty-two month old to tote as well.

Isn't funny how these memories remain so very vivid. Alexander I am so very proud of you. I look forward to you being set apart to a teacher in the Arronic Priesthood. It has been a blessing to have you be a part of my family. Thank you for your choice in the preexistence and for ultimately choosing to be a part of our family.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Little Sisterly Love & a Whole Lotta Fun!

So four of the five sisters were able to get together this evening. Renee (bottom left, for non family members) flew in for the week to go through Mom's estate paperwork with the attorney. Tonya, aka... aunt tiny, baby sis... (upper left, joined the party when Brent, Renee, & Misty showed up at her house in Kansas City and kidnapped her for the evening. Then good old Brent ran to Excelsior Springs to pick up Tamra (upper right) while I was finishing up supper. He's a good guy!

We were only missing Wendy... boo hoo, but she is excused... She is helping to plan Jade's wedding (Just over a month away). It would have been great to get the whole group together. We spent the evening going through a bunch of old family photos. We have some great ammo to use against our children, but will have to hide the ammo they would have on us.

I'm so glad Misty was able to snap this picture... you can see Tamra had to uncover Tonya's face, but it's a cute shot.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Gid Has a Lot to Say...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Gid the Kid and Grampa...

Gid the Kid... Do you see that wink... What a charmer... Sweet Kiss from Grandpa... Gotta love the head band... he is soooo! stylin'

Sweet Baby with Mommy...

Just look at this face...
Playing pat-a-cake with mommy and
watching daddy through the window.
She kinda likes this kid... don't cha think?
I just thought this was a sweet pic...
he wanted to be outside with daddy.

Caught inthe Act...

So I just have to start with.... Yucky!.... We caught Gid in the act of helping himself to a little drink from Boo's bowl. Notice how nonchalant he is in the first picture. No, I'm not doing anything mom. I'll just play in it a little, I'm not tipping it this time... See I'm being good. Well... maybe I'll just take a little sip.... Good thing I had just changed the water out.... still... Yuck Big Time... he thought it was perfectly fine. Well it didn't kill or maim my kids, so I guess Gid will servive also. Aren't they fun?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Baby Bach Video... Yeah!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ha Ha Tonka State Park...

We took a little scenic detour on the way home. Alexander had mentioned he would like to go back to Ha Ha Tonka State Park and show us a few of the sites. We were driving home and happened to pass right by the turn off, and much to Zach's dismay... one more stop was added to our trip. I am so glad we stopped. I love this state park. These first pictures are of the water tower that supplied the water for the Ha Ha Tonka Castle. We had to trek quite aways up the wooden steps to get to the top of the tower. I thought it was well worth the trek, even if it left me a little shaky. I'm a wimp. Don't you just love the shot of the guy's back... they were being a little difficult... didn't want to be models... to bad for them.
This group of pictures includes pictures of the stable/carriage house. I wish you could tell how large this was... The stable alone was larger than most modern homes.
Here are some shots of the ruins of the Ha Ha Tonka Castle. It is truly amazing. Just a little history... The castle was the dream of Robert McClure Synder,a wealthy Kansas City businessman. He visited the area in 1903 and was so impressed he purchased Ha Ha Tonka Lake, the Spring, and more than 5,000 acres in Camden County in 1904. He immediately began constructing roads and making extensive improvements. He envisioned a private retreat with a European-style castle, with a center atrium rising three and one-half stories to a skylight. Snyder also planned an 80-foot-high water tower, greenhouses, and a carriage house. He once said, "Here I will spend my leisure, secure from the worries of business and the excitement of city life. I will fish and loaf and explore the caves of these hills, with no fear of intrusion." Construction began in 1905 only to be halted a year later. Unfortunately he did not live to see his dream realized. His tragic death in 1906 was one of Missouri's first automobile fatalities.

His obituary in the Kansas City Journal on Oct. 29, 1906, said, "He maintained ideals for which he was recognized, never failing to accentuate the importance of family values. In a personal message to his son Robert Jr., he encouraged him to "lay down for yourself principles of truth ~ of honor ~ of self respect ~ and of unselfishness ~ and do not violate them ~ thus will your life be a success and a pleasure to you and everyone who knows or meets you." It was said that Snyder's business dealings were honorable and his name was synonymous with commercial integrity. His tragic death brought an end to his dream, however his sons finished building their father's dream, though not quite as elaborately as originally planned. The entire interior was gutted by fire when sparks from a chimney ignited the roof. The stable burned the same day. The water tower was burned by vandals in 1976. Only ruins remain... but they are lovely and you can still imagine the splendor.
These are picture of the Natural Bridge, 70 feet wide, spans 60 feet, and reaches more than 100 feet in the air. It is located in the State Park and can be reached by a half mile trek through the woods. Alex of course climbed to the top of the bridge. Zach had on flip flops (and designer shorts - he might have been a girl in a former life... jk) so he wasn't able or willing to climb up. You can see I was red faced just by all the walking and climbing. Brent snapped this oh so flattering picture of me. It's my proof I actually made it... It was gorgeous and certainly worth the effort. What a beautiful end to a truly wonderful family vacation.
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More Vacation Fun....

Here are a few random shots of vacation fun and things we did and saw... notice Gid stuffing his face... he was so funny... he would grunt every time his plate got empty... Misty was like... use your words... funny, funny. The center shot is a picture of Dad and Phyl; Uncle Bobbie and Aunt Elsie; Misty, Jake and Gid... and then Me... I tried to cut me out but Misty got cranky... she said I was not allowed to delete all photos of me... I don't know why not. It's a cute picture in spite of me. Then we have Jake and Uncle Bobbie with the boat "The River King" which he designed and built from scratch. He has a boat manufacturer interested in his unique design. He is quite brilliant. Notice Jake admiring Uncle Bobbie's Mustang Shelby. Misty drools over it. Gotta love the family picture of the kids enjoying the breakfast the Grandpa Skip made for them. Oh, and then we have the fruits of Misty and my shopping expedition for the Gidmeister... score one for the Gid... we had a blast and the prices were great. The center picture at the top, is a picture of Brent's mom's grave with the flowers we took her. I think that pretty much covers it.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fantastic Cavern...

This was pretty much the only shots of Fantastic Cavern that turned out. It was pretty cool. Fantastic Cavern is one of only 4 caves in the world where you ride through the cave on cars. It is the only cave in the United States that you can ride through. It was very pretty and interesting... at least to me.
After we finished at Fantastic Cavern we went to some wildlife aquarium thing... I liked the aquarium part... not so fond of the stuffed dead things though. Everyone enjoyed it... even our Gid. He was such a good boy for the entire vacation.

Have to add a special thanks to the Springfield Chamber of Commerce for all the neat free tickets. Bj scammed some free stuff again... yeah for Bj Scott... isn't he neat?
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Time out for story time...

Here are some sweet shots of G.G.'Pa and G'Ma Phyllis reading to the little guys. This is a shot of Phyllis' grandson, Spencer, with our Gideon. What cute photos they made... isn't it neat that both boys love books so much? We start them young in our family.

Poor Miss Phyllis became a grandma for the first time and a great-grandma barely a year a part. That just almost doesn't seem right. I teased her when dad asked her to marry him if that would scare her off... she said it was a close call... jk... gosh we love her.
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