Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For Renee's Little Girls...

My sister, Renee, has three beautiful grand daughters. I decided they needed a sundress made by their Aunt Kimberly... so this is what I did this evening. Mady is the oldest at 18 months... She is very tall and slim for her age... she takes after her daddy. I made hers extra long for our little lady. Jocelyn is 7 months old and little Brinley is just 3 1/2 months old.

Hope they work out for the little cuties.

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Wednesday!

This is the beautiful sunrise I awoke to this morning!
It is pretty awesome, when you consider it came after the violent thunderstorms we had last evening. How can you not have a great day when it starts off like this?

I just wanted to Wish Everyone Have a Wonderful Wednesday with me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sensational Summer Sundress Tutorial...

This is a quick and easy dress or shirt if you prefer. There is a picture step-by-step above... I'm sure more than you will need. If you're a seamstress, I'm sure the picture will do the trick. You might need the fabric measurements below. If you are new to sewing, If you can sew a straight seam, this dress is for you. No zippers or button holes required.

Fabric Measurements (for Size 18-24 mos)
Main fabric~
In center... 14 inches by WOF (Width of Fabric) ~ This piece will change depending on the length you need for your finished dress/summer shirt.
Straps... 2.5 inches by WOF divided into 4 equal pieces... folded in half length wise (this works for infant - 24 mos straps, for bigger sizes you might need to cut two strips and trim to appropriate length). Also, another option for the straps might be grosgrain ribbon ~ I would go with 5/8 inch to 1-1/2 inches.
Contrast fabric ~
Upper Casing... 4 inches by WOF folded in half length wise (right side out).
Lower Border... 8 inches by WOF folded in half length wise (right side out)... this creates the hem... very simple, very easy.
Elastic ~ Measure around your child's chest under the arms... or just hold it up and eyeball it... that's what I do... honest, seems to work fine.
Two buttons or add a bow or any little embellishment your heart desires.

We'll start with the straps if you are making from fabric. Fold in half right sides together. Serge along the length... I do all four in a row. Then serge across one end of each strap. Turn right side out. (I use a pen or pencil to help flip the fabric ~ start with the end for pushing the fabric up and then once done, flip over and use the point to fix the corners.) Press, press, press.

Now your ready for the body of the dress. Make sure if your fabric has a pattern, ie... up and down print, that you place the upper casing on the top... saves ripping out later. With the lengths together, serge 1/4 inch along the long edge. Press the serged seam towards the main body of the dress. Topstitch down the serged seam (I place the seam along the inside edge of my presser foot ~ works perfectly ~ see picture above), If you do not have a serger, you may choose to sew your seams, then use a decorative stitch to overlock the edges when doing your topstitching. Once done you are ready to make the seam for the casing... measure your elastic width. ( I use 1/2 inch - 5/8 inch elastic.) Make sure you allow for the elastic to move freely. Measure over from the seam where you attached to the main body of the dress approximately 1 inch... this will leave a edge on the top that create a ruffle much like sheared curtains.

Now we attach the lower border the same way. Once again, press the serged edge towards the body of the dress. Topstitch down for a nice finished effect.

Take your length of elastic, place a dress makers straight pin a cross one end. (This will keep the elastic from pulling all the way through as your feeding through the other side.) Use a large safety pin lengthwise on the elastic to help feed through the casing. Once all the way through, I pin the elastic in place about two inches in (This helps to keep the pins out of the way of the serger or presser foot.) Now you are ready to sew the short edges of your dress together. Lovely... now find the center of the front, line up with the center of the back. Measure out equal distances on each side... approx 2 inches and pin the straps in place... front and back. Sew across the strap, make sure to reinforce your seam for added strength. Sew at the seam between the elastic and the ruffled top edge. (this helps to hide the stitches)

Now you are ready to embellish to your hearts content... Everyone loves buttons and bows!


Monday, June 22, 2009

While weeding my flower bed...

I couldn't help but snap a few pictures. Everything is beginning to look so pretty. This was just after the rain (which makes weeding soooo much easier) and everything looked so clean and pretty. Anywho, while weeding my flower bed I noticed my Honeysuckle had gotten out of control. So I snipped off some vines and made the cool wreath in the upper left hand shot. The basket in the bottom right shot is all planted with perennials and ready to go home to Miss Jenny Doan, aka Momma Doan, the winner of my give-away. Have a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Butterflies a Flutter...

This finishes off the last of the little bucket hats I purchased... Of course I had to make dresses to match them... come on now.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Guess Maybe I've Been A Little Busy (CRAZY!)...

I didn't realize just how many dresses I've made Ashelyn since May... Oh, and a few accessories too. Funny thing is, there are two dresses missing from the above shot. The pink one I posted last night and the little blue dress she is wearing with her hair in piggy tails in her birthday post... kinda crazy. (I think that makes 12 ~ Does she have enough summer wear yet Misty?) I sure am having fun.

Oh, and you think maybe I have a thing for pink and purple? Just maybe.

This little dress I just finished is for my Pay It Forward project. It will be departing to reside with Miss Abbie. I sure hope I didn't make it too long. Misty says Abbie is a little taller then Ashelyn ~ so it hopefully will work.


What to do, what to do? Both will work... How cool is that!?! I fell in love with both of these fabrics and couldn't resist making one more dress with both. LOVE IT!!! Can one little girl have too many dresses? I sure don't think so, but I think I better stop for a little while.

In Her Easter Bonnet...

What??? Easter has come and gone you say.
Okay, so I'm a little late for Easter... But, I hadn't found these babies yet. I am pretty tickled with them. Gramma Doan, Do you recognize this fabric?
Too bad I didn't have this one completed for Sweetpea yesterday... oh well, she'll have them for the next time she wears her little dot to dot dress.
Three out of four little bonnets for my little lassie. Ashe is going to look pretty stylin' wearing these little pretties.
Thought the lamp made a very nice hat display. I might just have to Etsy some of these in the near future... Wouldn't even begin to know where to start on pricing... fun thought tho.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pretty in Pink...

Momma always loved butterflies. I guess I am somewhat the same. I've always been drawn to beautiful butterflies. When I saw this pretty pink fabric a flutter with butterflies... I knew I had to make Ashelyn something with it. I found some vintage buttons that were from Brent's Grandma Bailey-Ketchem's stash of old, old buttons. I am so lucky to have this stash to rummage through whenever I need a neat center for a hat or embellishment. It makes it seem like Ashelyn's Great-Great Grandma is smiling down thinking... yup, I remember what those came from. Good times.
Here's a close up of the buttons and the pretty little hat.
And here are two more hat in the making to go with the dresses I finished earlier in the week. You can't tell very well from the picture, but one is a light blue and the other is lavender... I found these little gems at the Dollar Tree... yup, that would be $1.00 each, before embellishments. What a deal!!!


Gideon was so in love with his little sissy.
You were so tiny and new, he wanted you to hold his hand... and you did.
He even had a kiss ~ just for you.
We're all so happy it's your Birthday and can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow.
ps... Grandma loves those little piggy tails... sooooo cute!
Just look at you... getting to be such a big girl...
All decked out and ready to go... Oops, where's your shoes?
Oh, and you need a bag.
Happy Birthday ~ Sweet Ashelyn!
Grandpa and Grandma love you and Bubba to pieces!

Some how I failed to wish my Niece, Jade, a Happy Birthday as well. Ashelyn, Jade and my grandfather, Howard Bruce McOsker, all share the same birthday. That is three generations in our family. I think that is pretty neat. I know Grandpa is smiling down at his girls. We love you Grandpa and Jadie~Poo.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5:30 a.m. Morning Trek...

I couldn't resist this shot of the moon. I don't think I've ever managed to get one that was in focus... so I was really excited... don't know why really, just silly I guess.
Here is our Richardson's Wonder Pond... It has water right now because of all the rain... wonder how long it will last this time. I love how it is blanketed in fog. Pretty, Pretty!
My late bloomers... Oh, and Ozzy had to get in on a little of the camera action.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Write a Soldier Challenge...

Everyone is up for a challenge. Here is mine to you... Please take a moment to write a little note to our Soldier, PFC Steven "Doc" Smith, who is serving in the Army in Afghanistan. If you would like more information, go HERE. I cannot tell you how proud we are of Steven and his fellow soldiers serving on our behalf. I would love to here from you if you have a moment to drop him a line... or if you want to send comments my way, I will print them off and include them in my next letter to Steve. Thanks all, I know I can always count on my blogger family... ps, If you have a family member serving as well, I would love to here their story also.

Doc Smith
FOB Ramrod
APO AE 09355

I'm Seeing Spots... or is it Dot to Dots?

Misty has always loved "Dot to Dots" as she called them. She was very pleased when she saw I had acquired this pretty purple polka dot fabric.
These little sundresses make up so quick... Two in one night! Woo Hooo!!! These are for Miss Ashelyn's first birthday, so grandpa says she cannot have them until she unwraps them on her birthday. Whatever?!?!

Just a little something whipped up...

Sneak Peek...

Finished Sundress.

My Inspiration... Sandra Sue Richardson
I could always count on my
sweet momma-in-law when it came to
making Misty something pretty.
I am trying to follow in her footsteps.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Must Be Holding My Mouth Right or Something...

You know how sometimes things work and sometimes they don't... I always say I must not be holding my mouth right when they don't... I'm not sure where it came from, but as long as I can remember I've said it... WELL... this time I MUST BE HOLDING MY MOUTH RIGHT or SOMETHING!!! I Won, I Won, I Won again!!! What is even up with that?!? I really don't usually win, but for some reason I must be sitting under a lucky star... and I'm okay with that.
I Won the Clementine Charm Pack by Me and My Sister for Moda in the weekly give-away. Now how funny is that when I just made Ashelyn a dress from some of that very fabric? I love it, it's all bright and happy and will make a charming little runner for a Christmas gift. Thank you, thank you Missouri Star Quilt Company!

Al, I Made This Just For You...

It's crazy, I Know. But I Love It Anyway.

I LOVE Paisley!!!

I love, love, love this little dress. The rosette can be used as an add on for the dress or it can be tacked on to a headband. I lined it with felt on the back so it's nice and soft and looks nice even from the back.

Alexander's Spray Paint Art...

The Red Planet...
First Attempt at a Planet..
A Galaxy...

Solar Blast, Comets & Shooting Stars

You're a Grand Ole Flag!

Lovin' Me Some Ashe and Gid Time...

I couldn't get Ashelyn to look at me... but look at my sweet Gideon... overlook the drool on his shirt. Oh, and check out miss things new duds. It fit her perfecto... Hopefully Misty can get a picture that shows her off a little better... she was kinda in a mood when we snapped this picture. I love seeing my sweet babies. I'm always so happy when Jake and Misty come over for dinner after church on Sundays. GOOD TIMES!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pretty Posys...

Picked this pretty little posy fabric up at MO Star Quilt Company today while I was minding the store. Not too bad for a days work... oh, check out the decorative stitching I threw in for good measure...(The fabric I used was: Clementine - Floral by Me and My Sister for Moda and All You Need Is Love - Pin Dots by Deb Strain for Moda.)

ps, the detail work took longer to do than the entire dress did to make. If you have a little lady and you haven't attempted one of these little dresses, you are missing out. VERY Simple, VERY easy. There are several tutorials around already or I would do a quick tutorial... but really, try it out and then leave me a comment so I can see your take.

pps... I love comments.

Hello Betty! What Ya Got Cookin'

So... You might have seen I won a Hello Betty Charm pack from MO Star Quilt Company's give away... I might just have mentioned it before... just maybe.
I was able to make these two awesome runners... One for now with all these fun happy prints in reds, yellows, blues, greens and pinks...

and then...
This little lovely... with teals, rusts, chocolate browns, and greys for in the fall.

But that's not all folks!
I had enough charms left over to make four, yes ~ FOUR ~ trivet/hot pads. How cool is that?!? I still had two charms left... maybe a coaster? Just kidding... I'll save them for a later project.
So yup, Hello Betty has been good to me.

Thanks ~ MO Star Quilt Company ~ for the awesome prize!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Repurposed Polo to Sundress...

Here is my latest little sundress for Miss Ashelyn. This is a repurposed polo that I cut up and used. I trimmed the whole thing in light pink thread and added the little applique for something different. It's very soft and comfy feeling... I'm using the leftover sleeves to make a matching set of bloomers.
I just whipped these little cuties up... who would'a thunk they'd be so cute? I am lovin' them. Yeah, yeah for repurposed polos... fun, fun! I sure hope Misty loves the set as much as I do.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maybe I should play the Lottery... Not Really

You're not going to believe this... but I just won again. I entered this caption contest at Linden Line Designs and I WON!!! This is what I won...
If you want to purchase one... just click on the picture above and it will take you to their site. They are pretty awesome collars... I had the pretty little pink floral one all picked out for Miss Boo, she would have looked awefully cute in it... but Miss Zoe' will look pretty, pretty too... and she is certainly deserving also... poor little thing is in morning... she keeps scratching at the door to be let in the house so she can look for her little sister. I know they miss her too. It's been a quiet few days without Boo to give us kisses and wake us up to be let out, and bark like a crazy mad dog at the squirrels. I'm pretty sure the squirrels were the culprets that lured Boo into the road where she met her fateful end. Dang them squirrels... I'm gonna have Zoe' and Dueter get'em.

New Duds for Miss Thing...

Here is a little sundress I through together for Miss Ashelyn yesterday evening. You can't really tell by the picture, but the background of the fabric is a dark chocolate brown. I loved the graduated polka dots... love, love, love polka dots which will be very evident when I finish her other little dresses I have planned for Miss Things big 1 year birthday... doesn't even seem possible. One week from tomorrow Miss Ashelyn will be 1 Year Old... makes me just a little sad, It goes by so very quickly.

ps... Misty snapped some pictures of Ashelyn in her dress today, hopefully she'll be posting them soon.... and I'm sorry the head band is CRAZY!!! Reminds me of the old pill box hats when you see it on her head. Misty LOVED IT!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sad Day...

You're not going to believe this...

I Never, Ever Win Anything!
I won the Miss Betty Charm Pack from the "SEWN Launch Give-Away!" from the Ladies at Missouri Star Quilt Company!!!
Okay, I'm a little Psyched.
I can't wait to make something... yeah, yeah, yeah!
Thank you Ladies, You are the BEST!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

And the Winner Is....

Dun dun dun daaaaa.....
Jenny! Yeah, Yeah!
I am guessing you would prefer the planter, but let me know.

Thank you to everyone who entered.
This was way fun and I hope to do another give-away soon.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quick and Easy Project...

So Natalie at the Missouri Star Quilt Company did a tutorial on these earlier in the year. What a great use of some worn out or stained t-shirts. I made this one out of a VolCoM Polo shirt. It got stained in the laundry so it wasn't being worn anymore... now it will be adorning my arm when I'm off to the Aldi's for some grocery items... so Thank you Miss Natalie. This was a very easy fun idea for re-purposing a t-shirt. Next on the agenda is a dress for Miss Ashelyn from a used Polo.
I added a box pleat at the bottom... oh, then I turned one of the sleeves into a pocket. I have the pocket flipped to the outside so that you can see it better.
Here is the final bag.
This is a step by step collage of how I made my next bag. I squared off the bottom and cut a flap off an old box to size and then placed in my completed bag to use as a bottom... nothing fancy, but it works.

Memory... this little white bag reminds me of the bag my Grandma had hanging from her clothesline to hold her clothespins.