Thursday, December 31, 2009

Can You Believe He’s Three? CRAZY!!!

100_9172 Such a Super Sweet Happy Boy!!!

100_8650 So glad you had a Happy Birthday!

A New Year’s Sweater/Shirt for Roxi


Roxi needed a New Year’s Sweater… Soooo… I whipped this little number up this morning. I actually made another one first, had to experiment on the pattern. The first one didn’t quite cover enough tummy for the cold, cold weather. You can see she is uber excited... NOT! Does she look just a little spoiled? Maybe just a little rotten? She’s livin’ in the lap of luxury… Ha, ha, ha! Yay right! Yup, she’s rotten… but we love her anyway!


This is why the baby needed a new sweater. Just look at that snow… what’s a little girl with hardly any fur to do? If you look closely at the bottom right picture, you can see she is smaller than the footprint in the snow. She is just so little… but she has a mighty big attitude.


Here is handsome Dueteronomy. He is such a sweetie and loves Roxi and Zoe’. He sure looks after his girls. Zoe’ wouldn’t sit for a picture… she’s a moving target at all times… well, if she’s not curled up snoozin’ somewhere that is.


Had to throw this picture in for good measure… my old chairs by the little garden pond look a little sad right now… but come Spring… oh how happy they’ll be.

More later…

I wanted to wish each of my extended blog family and especially my dear family a Happy and Prosperous New Year! May God keep and watch over you throughout the coming year and beyond.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Was Dreaming of a White Christmas…

And boy, oh boy did it happen.

It looks absolutely beautiful, but let me tell you…

the way we Missourians do it… it’s treacherous!

Ice first… lots of Ice first…. followed by the first blizzard in a long time.

Then lets just blow, blow, blow around to keep things interesting.

It is that for sure… there is no reason to be driving around, unless you’re CRAZY…

The drifts completely cover one lane… Insane!

I LOVE IT! What’s up with that?

We had a beautiful, peaceful, love filled Christmas and hope you did too!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dressed in Their Christmas Finery…


Don’t they look beautiful!?! You can see the honeryness showing through with miss thing… but she looked so darn cute anywho.

So pretty Here they are again after I played with the photo in PICNIK… fun, fun, fun! I love how you can paint the area you want to have color in the black and white option. Then I added a museum matt twice for the double matted effect. Love it!

100_9179100_9180100_9181 100_9172 100_9184

I Loved all these pictures of the little ones. Gid is putting a necklace around Sissy in the first pic. Sissy thinks Bubba needs one too! Then sissy is escaping… she was going for the cookies that were on G’ma’s counter. She’d had entirely enough picture taking for one setting. Notice Sissy not touching G’pa’s Christmas Village… darn it is so tempting.

100_9183 I thought this was the sweetest picture ever! I am so bummed it was blurred. It is so tender. Gideon is such a good big brother. The little ones love to give hugs and kisses to each other… and they’ll share some with you too!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gid's Stair Racer...

Gid's a crazy little kid.
Uncle Zachary made this for him.
He thinks it's the best thing ever!!!
Fun was had by all!

Misty’s Tutu Slip


Misty is a silly girl. I made her this little tutu slip to go under her Christmas Skirt I altered for her… It’s pretty much a trash to treasure. I’ll get a picture of her in her Christmas outfit when she has everything to go with it… shirt, sash and pretty party skirt. I love this picture tho!

Christmas Cookie Goodness…

Cookie Collage

Friday, December 18, 2009

She HATES It!!!

Ashelyn's Christmas Tutu

Doesn’t she look so cute!

She seriously HATES it!!!!

Oweeee, oweee, OWEEEE!!!'

Get it OFFFFFF!!!

Yup, those were the words that came out of her mouth.

Maybe it will grow on her and she’ll learn to love it.

She did like twirling in it for a minute while dancing with her naked dolly.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It’s All in the Packaging…


The gifts for the girls are all ready to take!

The salt scrubs look so pretty and festive in their little jars with the Christmassy charm squares for toppers.

It truly is… all in the packaging!


Here are two special jars for my Misty Sunshine.

She wanted the Chocolate Peppermint…

But I just know she’ll adore the Orange Chocolate as well.

Merry HO, HO, HO to you!

Happy Christmas Crafting ~ I’d love to hear & see what you’ve been making.

Your friend in blogland  ~ Kimberly

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Tutu… For My Little Angel


Ok… I might have gotten a little carried away.


Hair Bow… A girls gotta have bling for the hair.

100_9141 Wa~La!!! I think I’m in love!!!

This will be a full length tutu…

It ties in the front to close and has an elastic waist.

All it needs is a little black onesie!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Take Two…

A second coat of glue and salt and topped off with ribbon hangers and they look presentable… thank goodness.

100_9138 Next up… I made some salt scrubs with all kinds of yummy scents. What girl doesn’t love a good salt scrub?


We have here: Chocolate Peppermint, Chocolate (with a little orange undertones), Peppermint, Apple~Jack (apple and cinnamon), and Orange Spearmint!

These are so easy to make… all you need:

  • Epsom Salt
  • Olive Oil
  • Raw Sugar
  • Essential Oils of Your Choice for Scents
  • Food Coloring if desired
  • I used cooking Cocoa for the Chocolate Scrubs… yummy, yummy!

And there you have it. I just dump the Epsom salt in a bowl and start pouring in everything else… it just takes a very small amount of oil… and don’t overdo the scents… less is more.

Ok… Now I’ll show you my failed attempt at Cinnamon Applesauce ornaments… don’t laugh to loud and long… not every thing is a success… that’s for dang sure. They were so pathetically ugly that I painted them with glitter paint… STILL UBER UGLY!!! But they do smell good. They’re misshapen  and probably belong on the Isle of Misfit Ornaments. This is the second time I’ve tried this and I’m pretty sure the last.


Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…


Snow covered candles… aren’t they lovely!?!


Snow covered votive cups… so festive!


Snow covered mini-votives… a beautiful thing!

Soon to be gifts for my girls at work.


Snowball ornaments… FAIL!!!! (supposed to be gifts for the girls at work also) They still need a little help… maybe another coat… bummer! I needed white ornament, but could only find silver… needless to say, the silver is peeking through… I’ll have to let them dry an try again.

But all in all, fun times… and very easy… only needed epson salt and mod-podge. fun, fun, fun!

100_9130 One more picture… I really loved how these turned out!

I loved my impromptu candle stand… I turned a pretty flower shaped planter over and put my pretty flower shaped plate on top… It’s kinda bulky I know, but I think it works anywho. I’m taking a lesson from some of my bloggin’ buddies.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree… How Lovely are Thy Branches!


Finally finished the Christmas Tree in the living room… What can I say… I’ve been a little busy.

I’ve joined Thrifty Decor Chick’s Christmas Tree Party. So many rooms… so many options. So many wonderful inspiring creative ideas.


Check it out… It’s amazing!

Christmas Puppy…


Oh Well, Better Late Than Never…


This is the whole group that got together for Thanksgiving at Dad & Phyllis’ house. We had such a wonderful time and were so thankful for their warm hospitality. The food and family fun could not have been better. You can see we had quite a crowd. It was AWESOME! It was kinda difficult to get the whole hee haw gang looking at the camera at the same time… this was the best shot.

100_8979 I loved this shot of Great Grandpa and Ashelyn playing out side with the sun in the background. It was such a beautiful day for November… another thing to be truly thankful for… our weather really has been glorious this year with just a few bad days thrown in to keep it real.

100_8981Gideon was so intent on riding the tricycle and Grandpa Bj was having the best time watching. It was so sweet to see the Grandpas out playing with the little ones. I loved it… another thing to be thankful for.

100_8988 Best shot ever of all four playing!

100_8984 100_8983 100_8982 100_8985 100_8989

Good times had by all!


I just had to include this picture.

Uncle David and Lacy!

Aren’t they just the cutest?!!!

It was a wonderful family celebration.

Thank you, thank you Dad and Sweet, Sweet Phyllis for hosting.

The Food was Awesome!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Three Models… and it’s done.

Ren Models

Ok… you can see it works on my head with hair… (how do you like my self portrait?) However, on Eldest Son… not so much… gonna need to take the band in a bit, Bummer…Big time!?!?

I like it tho, it’s very very warm. I like the little snowman’s picture tho. so cute!

Santa Lucia… Here I Come!

Santa Lucia Baby Girl 2009

So I whipped this little gem up for Miss Thang for her Santa Lucia celebration at her Great G’Ma’s house this weekend. Isn’t she just the cutest little thing ever? Family traditions can be so fun. Thank you for letting me help with this Misty. I had such a great time.

Santa Lucia 2009  Great G’Ma Fish and G’Ma Doan this is for you.

Such a sweet little girl!

Now for an outfit for bubba… nother day tho… I have to make a Renaissance Hat to adorn my eldest son’s head for the feast. Oh well, no rest for the wicked… what the heck… I don’t even think I’m wicked… just no rest for a weary girl is all I’m sayin’

The Lord of the Court


I know… the hairy legs, socks and slippers really set it off to a T. Just need to add black or ivory tights and black shoes or boots… Oh and possibly a hat with fur trim… we’ll see. Wa~La! Ta~Dah! I’m pretty pleased over all. Mr. Man says he’s sure Mr. E would pay me to make some more for another year… Yeah, I don’t think so… I said I didn’t think he’d want to pay what I would want to charge for the bloody fingers… te he he.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Finished ~ Over ~ At an End

100_9021 And I have the tired, sore, somewhat bloody (I know gross) fingers to prove it.100_9020

He should look dashing… don’cha think?

I guess next I will be assisting in the making of a Santa Lucia dress for my little princess (Just found out last night and she needs if for Sunday, Dec. 13th. It is simple I have been assured.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy 26th Anniversary Sweetheart!!!


I love you!!!