Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dressed in Their Christmas Finery…


Don’t they look beautiful!?! You can see the honeryness showing through with miss thing… but she looked so darn cute anywho.

So pretty Here they are again after I played with the photo in PICNIK… fun, fun, fun! I love how you can paint the area you want to have color in the black and white option. Then I added a museum matt twice for the double matted effect. Love it!

100_9179100_9180100_9181 100_9172 100_9184

I Loved all these pictures of the little ones. Gid is putting a necklace around Sissy in the first pic. Sissy thinks Bubba needs one too! Then sissy is escaping… she was going for the cookies that were on G’ma’s counter. She’d had entirely enough picture taking for one setting. Notice Sissy not touching G’pa’s Christmas Village… darn it is so tempting.

100_9183 I thought this was the sweetest picture ever! I am so bummed it was blurred. It is so tender. Gideon is such a good big brother. The little ones love to give hugs and kisses to each other… and they’ll share some with you too!