Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Chicago Fun...

I can't believe I forgot to put this picture up... The guys were sitting waiting for the train and I don't know for some reason this shot popped into my head... so being nice guys and humoring me... we have... Speak no Evil, See no Evil, and Hear no Evil... I probably got them in the wrong order... but I liked it... It's going to go on my wall of fame.
Here are just a few move random shots of Chicago. Zach absolutely fell in love with the R2D2 mailbox. So of course we had to get a picture. Then some man pointed out the sign for the Beginning of the Famous Route 66, so I had to get a picture of that too... Brent's cousin, Linda, has a great Antique store on Route 66 in Lebanon, MO... so family ties, sorta.... the shot in the bottom left is one of the cool buildings and happens to be where the came up with the names for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... It has the names across the top edge of the building.... so that's it in terms of pictures from Chi Town, but we loved it and I am ready to go again.

Princess Dress w/ Matching Hair Bow...

(see picture above)
So this is dress number two with its matching hair bow, yup made by hand. I can't wait to get real pictures of Miss Ashelyn wearing them. The will look mucho better with our cutie patootie modeling it. Misty brought Ashelyn over last night so we could try the first dress on her and I could do the final touches. She is wearing it to Sarah's ward today because little Jason is getting his name and blessing!!! We are so happy for the Galbraith family.
I took a close up hoping for a little detail to show through... dang camera phone takes tiny, tiny pictures.
Had to hand stitch every flower... wanted to make sure they would lay flat. Yay, Yay for little girly, girls... well at least I hope she will be a girly, girl... she will always be my little princess.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Made for Ashelyn...

I'm making this little pinafore for Miss Ashelyn. It has a matching hair bow cuz her mommy likes them. Sorry for the lame picture, but BJ took the camera with him this weekend so I had to use my phone. Hopefully we'll get a picture with Ashelyn wearing it later. Stitched every stitch by hand except for surging the edges. You would think with three sewing machines at least one would be working, but not so much... they all need to be cleaned and tuned up.... oh well, that's how my Grandma would have done it anyway... so here it is... still doing the final handwork. I hope to have it ready for missy to wear it tomorrow.... fun, fun.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yup... It's Official...

There is no doubt these two are related. Gid's face was definitely rounder (he looked like a little Orson Wells). I sure do hope Ashelyn keeps Jake's stellar eyes like Gid has. I'm sure you will get tired of my picture comparisons, but I love seeing them. So.... I guess you must suffer through.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

She has a lot to say...

So little Miss Ashelyn loves to have you look
right in her eyes and talk to her.
She will smile and coo and try to move her lips.
She's our cutie patootie!

Nice One Boys....

This is what I get when I attempt to get a picture of my boys... They are getting pretty stubborn. Oh well, have to catch them when they're not looking I guess. That Alex is a nut tho'. Not sure what he thought he was doing... I think he thought he hid his face... not so much... silly guy... Zach wouldn't even give me the time of day... important game ya know.

The Last Hurrah of Summer...

This is the last of my flowers out by the fish pond. The heat, lack of rain, and pretty much my neglect have just about finished them off. At least they have a little bit more life in them.

Gideon's first water color...

Great-Gma Phyllis got Gideon these great water color books. All you need is a Q-tip and water and it makes an awesome picture. Very little mess, thank goodness. Gideon just loved it. He was so funny we just had to get it on video... So a big thank you goes out to Great-Gma Phyllis for thinking of these.

Getting so Big!!

Gideon is getting so big... here he is with food all over his face. He loves cereal, anytime day or night... I think he got that from both Great Grandma Mc and Grandma Richardson. It's pretty much the best snack ever... or dinner... or breakfast... I am not picky
Here is little miss thing. She thinks she is so big. All I know is "SHE IS GORGEOUS!!!" No I am not prejudice... not at all.
Grandma snuggling her sweet pea right to sleep. We got lots of snuggling in yesterday... It was great. While I rocked her to sleep, Gideon crawled up on my lap and we read a book. I love these sweet quiet moments. That's what being a grandma is all about.

BTW...Notice the way sweet hair bow Misty made Ashelyn. Misty has her own Etsy sight where she will be selling these and other sweet baby items... Daisy Dimples
Not sure what Gideon was doing to the teddy bear... it must have had something in its eye. He sure likes that silly old bear tho... Its almost as old as his mommy, I made it for her when she was tiny. It should really go home with Mr. Gid

Yesterday was a wonderful day and I am so glad we were able to spend it together. I love my family!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Windy City...

Here are just a few shots from the Windy City. I loved these taken of the light house on Lake Michagan by Navy Pier. They looked postcard perfect. Brent took them. He has quite the eye.
Two of these shots were taken from the top of the Sears Tower and two shots were taken from the Tall Boat/Pirate Sailboat we went out on our last night in Chicago. Pretty sure you can tell which was which.
This was taken on the sailboat as well. Not real sure what we were doing... oh well... I know we were having fun.
This was the best shot Zach got of Brent and I... he would snap the picture without giving any warning... you can tell I'm getting a little ticked... I should learn to go with the flow more.... any who... I will put up some more pictures later... I think we took somewhere around 300 pictures... totally not kidding... I won't be posting them all.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Count Your Blessings....

Name them one by one... At church on Sunday President Barzee (spelling???) spoke on not only counting your blessings, weighing your blessings, knowing how extraordinary they are. It was a wonderful talk. We were also counseled to be thankful for the trials that shaped our lives. Now that is somewhat more difficult to do when we are in the thick of the trial, but as is often the case, we are able to look back on a situation and see how it helped us to learn and grow.

I think my biggest trials would be the loss of my family members... it started with my brother, Gregory, the very first month of Brent's and my life together... then barely a year and a half later my sweet nephew, Gregory... then less than a year later our own first son, Nicholas.... then my Father, we thought he was invincible... then we lost Sandy, Brent's momma and one of my very dearest friends and counselors... then my momma, my rock and shining example.... now mixed in there we also lost all but one grandparent (each one dear and loved) and an aunt or three as well. Each of these family members played a major roll in shaping my life. They brought me joy and taught me countless lessons. I thought their loss took a little piece of my heart each time, but what I have found is that it has grown back and expanded to recall sweet memories of love and joy and family treasures.

I think my greatest blessings would first and foremost be my family. They have made me who and what I am. Brenton is ever patient, even when he's been pushed to the brink. My children are forever amazing me with their vitality and joy of life. I'm thankful for my family members gained through marriage, both mine and Misty's. I have and had the best In-Laws a girl could ever ask for. Skip and Sandy and Phyllis are all I could have asked for and more. My sisters and brothers are ever dear and I love them and miss them when we're apart. Then there is Gideon and Ashelyn... I can't believe the joy they have brought to our family.... So I am counting my blessings and recognizing their extraordinary worth. Thank you to each and everyone in my life.