Friday, October 30, 2009

The Red Hot Chili Peppers of ACT

Halloween_Pictures_2009 029 We’re Red Hots or Red Hot Chili Peppers… whatever you want to call us.

You can see some of us were a little more into it than others.

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Misty and Jacob for printing our t-shirts with their awesome new vinyl cutter. You all ROCK!

Halloween_Pictures_2009 031 Here’s a picture of the whole ACT crew that participated in this years costume contest. You can see Michael is alive and well at ACT.

Halloween_Pictures_2009 021 Here Michael is with his body guard… kinda scary huh? We have fun.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Before and After…


100_8539 Sad… but useable


100_8550 Glam, Glorious, Glitzy and Girly… Hers

100_8551Bold and Beautiful… His

Please don’t mind the towels beneath them… still a little tacky… had to protect my new floor.

100_8554Mine with a temporary topper.

ps… I tried to paint the lamp shade. When you turn it on it looks yucky… pooh!

Oh well I guess a new shade at least is on the horizon.

100_8552   Bj’s with his man stuff.

What I used…

  • White hi-gloss spray paint for the handles… about 20 coats… I’m not even kidding.
  • Klean-Strip Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser… You wipe down the wood with this. I went over the whole thing twice.
  • Interior Water-Based Primer. I gave the entire thing two coats.
  • Dutch Boy Home Interior Premium Latex Wall & Trim Enamel in Semi-Gloss… Swiss Coffee

It took pretty much all day to get both nightstands complete.

I should have sanded in between the primer coats… I’m a bit of a slacker

Yes I am happy with the final outcome.

Bedroom Makeover in Progress…

100_8538I fail at taking a before shot… but, what I did… taped off picture and painted the matt and frame American Accents Heirloom White. I also touched up the shelves to ensure they would match. I took a bargain spray from Home Interiors and added the light blue flowers and the bow… don’t love it, but it will have to do for now.

ps… Pay no attention to what is on the shelves… that too is a work in progress.

100_8540 Here is a close up of the spray… It will work for now because it ties the quilt and the painting together nicely.

100_8542 Here is the fountain the kids got me for Christmas last year. I love it! The base was black and for some reason our hard water made the paint bubble up… so I painted it with the indoor/outdoor Heirloom White as well. Then I added the cobalt blue and pearl white glass for a pop of color. I will have to wait to add water for a couple of days yet so that the paint has time to cure. I love how it turned out!


I shouldn’t even put this picture in, but it does show my lovely floor.  Is that dust… I think it is… hmmmm…. what can I say, I was working and got excited to take a few pictures… should have dust mopped first. Oh well, please ignore the lamp and ugly night stand also… oh, and the missing switch plate… still need to change all electrical outlets and switches over to white. The lamp is also a work in progress. I painted the brass a gloss white and painted the shade as well to make a nice clear surface for covering. The fabric that is draped over it will soon be a new shade cover and table scarves. We aren’t fast by any means, but it will eventually be complete.


100_8539I have two of these little lovelies! Brent and I got these as hand me downs from his mom and pop. I know they were part of their first bedroom set. So… I’m guessing they are going on 35+ years. Certainly dated… but I know they can be improved greatly with a little elbow grease some primer and about a dozen coats of paint. Hey, check out those handles… aren’t they just a scary sight. We’ll see what a coat of paint does for them. Oh, and funny thing. The two night stands have different handles. I wonder what’s up with that. Anywho, stay tuned for the after pictures.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Her Voice Gives Me Chills...

Absolutely Beautiful!!!
If I could only...

In my dreams I sing like this.

One more for good measure...
The Voice: Hayley Westenra

Ok... So Maybe I'm Warped...

This Makes Me Giggle!!!

What can I say? I like Ukulele Music.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

More From PompLaMoose...

I love, love, love her voice!

I think they are so very fun and quirky.
I'm really quite jealous.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Can I get a Hallelujah?!!!


Yes, it’s finally begun. Our new bedroom floor… I am uber excited. Yup… I’m walking on Sunshine… Yeahhhhh!!!! And don’t it feel good… Yup it sure do.

100_8519 I think this one shows the pretty grain… I love, love, LOVE it!!!! My poor little sweetie has gone to bed and tomorrow is a full day of swim meets and choir concerts so it will have to be Wednesday this weekend before we get to finish and have a bedroom reveal. You may not remember the original post where this project began it was soooooo LONG ago…. but check it out HERE and HERE (Yes, I’m a very patient wife to wait this long… come on we’re talking March… who even waits this long for floor?  Well apparently us. No really when you pay cash sometimes you have to wait forever and then nag, nag, nag and nag some more, then when you’ve given up all hope of ever having a floor in your bedroom, your amazing husband goes out and buys the PERFECT  floor all on his own… so yes a little patience does pay off in the end).

Ok… I looked up patience and I pretty much fail… this is what it says…

Patience is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties.

Yes… I failed… I persevered because I had to… that doesn’t count apparently… but the rest of those words that means I did a good thing… not so much. What can I say… I was tired of ugly underlayment and cut up bits of carpet. I’m bad!

100_8517Isn’t it lovely? Isn’t it beautiful? A picture of the beauty in progress… no I’m really not excited… I was just havin’ ya on before… ya right!

ps… Don’t pay attention to the fact that the wall socket is missing its cover and needs to be changed over to white… and the floor vent needs to be painted a brown to match the flooring…  all things in time.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pomplamoose.... Gotta Love It.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baby Girl Lounge Pants


From unused turtleneck shirt to Lounge Pants for my G’Baby Girl. Gotta love ’em! This is the second pair I whipped up today… The first pair I made from one of my son’s thermal shirts… sew cute… pun intended. They are so easy and there is literally no cost other than the elastic. Can’t beat that. If you would like to find out how to make some for your little one, go HERE.

I do a slight variation on her pattern. I work from the inside out… by matching up the side seams and putting the fold down the center of the front and back of the shirt it allows you to use more of the t-shirt… which makes for longer pants. When your little one has long legs like our little miss Ashelyn you will appreciate this option. The crotch somewhat mirrors where the arm holes were. I think you get the picture. Just flip the pattern and work from the fold. It works like a dream.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kearney Homecoming 2009


The gents were looking uber studly and the ladies couldn’t have looked lovelier. I can’t believe this is already Zach’s senior year. Crazy! And Alex a sophomore… how did that even happen?

Bj and I prepared and served dinner to Alex and Miss Kari, while Zach, Jenni and several friends went to dinner at an over-priced restaurant that gave the horrible service.