Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lynn-Marie and Uncle David Visit...

I love this side shot of Uncle David. He looks deep in thought, with much on his mind. He always has a great story to tell... pull up a seat and sit a while and he's sure to entertain you with events from days gone past. What fun! My kids love him and he sure loves them too!
Did I mention he's 92!!!
What sweeties!
Lynn loves her daddy and takes such great care of him.
Uncle David had to show off how straight and tall he can stand... that's sure something else... especially if you knew we'd drug him all around Watkin's Mill State Park to find interesting backdrops for his picture. Auntie Lynn wanted some new pictures of her daddy. She said all the ones she had he was wearing the exact same shirt... or at least it sure looked like the same shirt. We had fun finding places for him to pose. We got some pretty cute pictures of him.
I know this one is a little on the dark side, but we loved the little boys in the background fishing. They were having such a good time. Uncle David spent many a day fishing so this was perfect.
One last shot of this sweet man. He's sitting by the trellis of an old bridge. Uncle David built bridges and water towers as a young man. We'll have to get a picture of him by an old water tower another day.

My little charmers...

Gid is such a ham. CHEESE!!!
You gotta love a photo ham.
He got this from his momma.

Now is this how you sit on a rocking chair, I ask you?
I don't think so. Crazy little daredevil! I think he's been around his Uncle Zach too much.

Don't you just want to kiss this sweet face?
I know I do.

Just look at this blue eyed girl!
You can't keep her still long enough to catch her.

A Few More Pretties... Some Old, Some New

This my "Sandi Teapot & Cup"
Brent's momma made them, that makes them extra special and a real treasure.
It's made for making an individual's cup of tea. It has a chip and a hairline crack, so it's just for looks now. I love them all the same.
The cup nestles on the top... makes me think of the Teapot in Beauty and the Beast.
Here is a redo of the items on my shelf/mirror.
This shelf needs a serious Diva-Makeover.
The make-over will just have to wait.
Here are few pretties I picked up Friday afternoon with Lynn-Marie.
Good times were had by all.
The sugar bowl and creamer are new, as well
as the small platter they rest on.
I was so proud of myself. I found a sugar bowl that had
the lid with it... GREAT FIND! Super excited!
Then the lady at the cash register forgot to put
the lid in the bag... What the heck?!?
Lucky for me, they held it at the
cash register, so it was waiting for me
to pick it up Saturday morning.
So other than a little extra driving,
no harm, no fowl.
I Love all the little details on these bowls.
Each a little different, yet quite pretty.
The platter is an older one I've had for some time,
the little pitchers are new.
This is a shot of one of the dinner service I've found.
I'm attempting to complete the place settings for six.
I need two more cups w/saucers and four salad plates.
I love the shape... very flower like.
The mark says:
"Harmony House, Ironstone 4238, Federalist"
If you find these... let me know... I'll be there if they are anywhere in the vicinity.
Here are two more of my new finds.
A little pitcher and a leaf plate.
Its funny all the different shades of white stoneware you can find.
Yes, I know... I'm a little obsessed. But I'm having fun!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lenka... Love Her!!

Bargain Beauties for My Kitchen...

I love the old white dishes you find
at garage sales, thrift stores and antique sales.
Brent's cousin, Lynn Marie, turned me on to this little
passion a couple of years back and I can't get enough.
She has contributed to my stash and joins me on my treks.
I now have enough white dishes for both my kitchen and my dining room. So, now I get to look for the more charming pitchers, bowls, platters and whatnots.
I love all the pretty little details.
Can't wait to go out again tomorrow... oh, what am I saying?
I get to leave work at three today... that means time for a little bargain hunting today!
Yay, Yay!!
Happy Friday All!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Humming Bird Heaven...

The Trumpet Vine is in bloom and the Humming Birds are truly in Heaven. We like them too! Zoe' was checking out our little forest. There was a little bird playing hide and seek with her in the trees. It was a truly beautiful morning. If you click on the picture, you'll see I was able to capture a Humming Bird in flight in both the lower left hand corner and the upper right hand corner... I didn't even realize the upper shot I had captured the Humming Bird until I clicked it myself... Yay! Yay!