Monday, May 24, 2010

KHS 2010 Graduate!!


Friday, May 21, 2010, Zachary was officially a Graduate of Kearney High School. We are so proud of you! It was a great night spent with family and friends.

Zach's Graduation Hug

Zach’s Graduation Hug!

Isn’t this the sweetest picture ever?!? I loved it the moment I snapped it.


A Sea of Purple and Gold!



Grandpa Richardson, Zach & Grandma Phyllis!

So thrilled they were here for the festivities.


Alexander, Zachary and Misty… our babies are grown up.

Only Alex left to graduate in two years. CRAZY!!!


Zach and Auntie Lynn (She sure loves all her nephews and nieces). It was too late a night for her daddy, Uncle David, but he made the open house on Saturday.

Some how or other we missed getting Jake, Gideon and Ashelyn in a pic. I’m sure I tried and got vetoed.   


Zach and David… bestest buds!


Zach and Tim Foreman… Spent all 13 years at KHS together and remained neighbors and friends through it all.


Beckett, Gage, Jake, Zachary and Richard.

Zachary we are so very proud of you!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

KHS Prom 2010


The Two Amigos… Aren’t they studdly!?!

Zachary would not take off the sombrero he bought in NYC.

101_0001The dress Jenni has on and Zachary’s vest and tie were made by Jenni’s Grandmother. They looked so beautiful together… notice the sombrero. 


Silly son with Sombrero and beautiful Jenni.

I made the rose for Jenni’s hair at her request… (Bummer ~ she lost it on the dance floor… I guess I’ll be making another)  Zach’s pocket square was an after thought that I whipped up Saturday morning so it would match the vest.


Jenni and her grandmother designed her dress. They put three patterns together to get just what she envisioned. I think they did a spectacular job.  

The sombrero just would not come off… well eventually it did, but it took forever… what is even up with that?


The back of Jenni’s dress was amazing!!! This picture showed off just how gorgeous it was and her pretty up do too!

Notice… no sombrero! 


Alexander escorted Kat ~ a beauty from the Czech Republic. Kat is a foreign exchange student and a senior this year. She and Alexander are friends from Choir. They made a stunning couple as well.


They had a great time… Alexander even danced… Crazy I know. You can see Alexander was really proud to escort such a lovely girl.

Alex and Kat left after just a few shots to join the group they went to dinner with for pictures at Kat’s friends house. I only managed to snag two decent pictures before they darted off. I’m so glad I was able to get these two shots.

100_9986 Zach putting on Jenni’s wrist corsage. Too bad I cut their heads off.

100_9989Jenni pinning on Zach’s boutonniere.

Jenni’s five year old cousin picked out and bought the earrings she’s wearing. She said she just knew Jenni would LOVE them. How sweet is that? The broach in the center of Jenni’s dress is an antique of her grandmother’s. Love, love, loved it!100_9994

This is Zach’s senior prom so I snapped a crazy amount of pictures for him. I’ll try not to bore you with too many more… but I had so much fun and it was such a pretty day for pictures.


101_0011 101_0009 101_0013

ps… the center shot above is a picture of Jenni and her sister, Morgan.

Zach and Alex Prom 2010

I loved this shot of my two guys… had to add it to our header for now.

Zach and Jenni 2

That’s all folks.