Friday, November 7, 2008

My Sweetie Rocks Big Time!!!

Brent finished (all except the door - but who needs a door anyway) my way awesome sewing/craft room. Jacob hooked Brent up with the cabinets you can see in the two pictures on the upper left... they were free, torn out of a job site Jake was working on... all Brent had to do was haul them off... they're totally awesome. Then we had a piece of carpet that was given to me and fit great... so we bought the counter top to match and tie it all together. The little cubby with my fat quarters is an old antique cabinet I took the door off turned on its side. It sits on what will now be my sewing/craft table. The table (an old display table) came out of the old United Department Store in good ole St. Joe, MO. It has tons of room underneath and I have it filled with tubs of fabric... So pretty much it is amazing, still needs more organizing, but it is great, I love it, and Brent Rocks Big Time!!!