Sunday, November 15, 2009

Costumes and Tablescapes…

100_8929 KHS High School Musical is almost at a close and it’s on to the next Musical Event. Every year for Christmas the KHS Chamber Choir assisted by the Concert Choir, Women’s Bel~Canto, and the Men’s Testostertones (new this year) put on a beautiful Musical Renaissance Feast. The Chamber Choir dresses to the nines for this event. This will be Zach’s last year to participate and he asked that I make his costume for this year’s festivities. What you see here is a deconstructed suit, fur coat, and blouse (all purchased at Saver’s Thrift Store) soon to be a Renaissance Costume Extraordinaire… at least I hope so. Sure hope Zach likes it… did I mention picky, picky, PICKY boy. This is obviously a very rough start… There is much, much, much sewing yet to be done.

On to the beginnings of a fun Christmas Tablescape…


Certainly not traditional… but, I had so much fun working on it.

The Hurricane in the center of the wreath above was just a plain Jane cheapo hurricane. I purchased Gold and Silver DecoArt Craft Twinkles Writer that is designed to turn glass into stained art. I love, love, LOVE!!! the final results. I also took two burned up trumpet jar candles and did the same thing for each side of the center piece… so much fun… I may have painted a few other glass pieces as well… I can’t stop… I’m thinking early Christmas Gifts maybe.

More pictures of the finished projects to follow. Wish me Luck!