Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Goodness…

100_8576 Here is our sweet little Lady Bug and our super sweet Bumble Bee. They hit the candy before the little hob-goblins showed up. The whole Doan Gang and extended family that live in the KC area met at Misty’s and Jakes for a little chili goodness and some trick or treating fun.

100_8577 I love this shot of Ashelyn’s curls. I always wanted Misty to have curls… she did, but we had to perm her hair to get them.

100_8580 She was so excited to get to trick or treat… she was all about the candy.

100_8584 Here is the whole hee haw gang. It was hard to get them to stand still for a picture. You can see that the little ones are all looking in different directions. They were all so cute in their costumes. Check out Jason in his Gnome suit. How cute is he?


Bj couldn’t resist an opportunity to dress up and scare a few kiddies as they came for their candy. We’re a bit warped, what can I say.

100_8591 Ella and Jenna weren’t sure what to think of Gid’s and Ashelyn’s Grandpa. They decided he was okay.

100_8596 This was the best shot I could get of the little Doan Family the kids just wanted to trick or treat… they certainly did not want to stop for pictures… who even need those anyway?

Anywho… more pictures later. It was a super fun evening. Thank Jacob and Misty for hosting this fun family event.

100_8623 Sorry, I couldn’t resist just a few more… Ashelyn was seriously eating three suckers at once… and momma and daddy let her cuz they said Halloween only happens once a year.

100_8638 This makes me giggle. What a mess.

100_8628  She was bound and determined to eat this one… she didn’t care that the paper was still on. Gideon was a moving target the whole evening and refused to let Grandma get a picture… pooh!


Jenny said...

The pictures are great! We are so blessed! Halloween was so much fun! You guys are amazing! thanks for everything!

Misty @ The DoanGang said...

Yay! Your pictures turned out great! All of my group pictures Jake tried to take so they came out horrible... haha, oh well!