Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mayer's Christmas Tree Lane Lighting Ceremony...

Zach and the Kearney High School Chamber Choir sang at the Mayer's Christmas Tree Lane Lighting Ceremony. They were the third group to perform, I guess they left the best for last.... Too bad they only sang four songs, they were awesome. The Assistant Mayer even gave them a plug for their trip to New York to sing at Carnegie Hall.
Here is a sweet picture of Gideon and Misty, taken while waiting to hear Uncle Zach sing... He sure loves his momma.
Brent snapped this shot while Gideon and I were snuggling to stay warm. I even liked it and that is rare.... Do you see those wrinkles though... Where the heck did they come from???

Grampa and Gideon hangin' out and listenin' to the tunes. They're both pretty studdly... don't cha just love 'em?

I loved this picture... I love these three to pieces.

Here is the another shot Grampa shot of Gideon and Gramma. I love his little pink button "Rudolf" nose... lucky me, mine usually looks like that too... not near as cute on a full size nose.

It was a fun evening... maybe later when we are better prepared we will walk Christmas Tree Lane. ie... warm shoes and a stroller. It was beautiful... for some reason we didn't get any pictures of the trees. We did get a super cute picture of Gid with Santa (first one ever)... I've been forbidden to blog it.... hmmm... How come even though we took the picture, someone else gets to blog it... I guess just because she's his momma, she rules... hmmm.... go figure. It was a fun evening, even if our feet were cold and wet.... look for pictures of Gid with Santa coming soon to a blog you know and love.


Jenny Doan said...

This looks like such a fun night. You all look so CUTE! I love the red button nose also!