Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wagon Ride Anyone?

Grandpa took Gideon out for his first official wagon ride on Saturday. As you can see, Bear was very excited to see him. I'm pretty sure she would have liked to climb in the wagon with him. We are still looking for a nice home for Bear. Takers anyone?
You can see Gideon was sporting his hat to combat the ferocious wind. He loved the ride so much. He was singing and rocking. It was so cute. Mommy, Grandpa Richardson and I had a great time also. Saturday ended up being a lovely day. While we were out for our walk, Jacob, Alexander and a couple of their friends went skate boarding. Alex attempted a nine stair and biffed it on the landing... didn't seem to care though, he is so ready to go again and reattempt it. Those boys have a great time together and I am so thankful.

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Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

Saturdays weather turned out SO much nicer than I thought it would, too!! Gid is such a cute boy, I am glad he was able to go four-wheelin' with Grampa!! Looks like a fun time!!

Misty said...

He just loves to go for walks. If only that wind hadn't been so crazy we could have actually got some decent exercise!

Misty said...

P.S. How come my hair looks cute in your pictures and not mine!?